I was fortunate enough to receive a kinesiology session with  Emotional Kinesiologist Amanda Scholtz a week ago.  I came across Amanda through a colleague and am always very open to try various therapies with various therapists so that I can share it with my Heartbizz followers.

My experience of the session was as follows:

Amanda is based in the Strand and has a beautiful view over the bay, which enhances the experience.  On meeting her, I found her to be extremely approachable and welcoming.  When starting a session,  a priority is set i.e. what issue needs to be addressed at that particular time.  Once this priority has been set, the muscles are tested as to how the body would like to release the relevant blockages.  It is a matter of getting to the emotional issue which could be holding you back and clearing it so that you can move on.  The issue which came up for me was extremely relevant, and I feel necessary at this time.  The session lasted for approximately 2 hours and Amanda was extremely thorough and committed to the process.  I was feeling quite tired afterwards and even though I am processing the release of the issue presented, I look forward to starting anew on that level and welcoming new opportunities ahead.

Amanda has a passion for working with women who have emotional issues and helping them to regain their strength and femininity.    She has great knowledge, intuition and makes one feel safe.  She also offers non-judgemental advice and commitment to ones healing.  She has gained much experience through life experience of her own and wishes to help one understand why you are doing what you are doing to hinder your progress and get to the root of the problem.

Other areas she enjoys working on is pre and post op preparation and recuperation as well as general goal setting.

She has completed the following certificates:

Touch for Health 1 – 4

Emotional Kinesiology 1 & 2

Principles of Recuperation (PoR)



Only you can heal yourself.  Kinesiology works with your own body’s innate intelligence, helping you regain a sense of perspective.  Kinesiology uses the unique approach of muscle monitoring that can help you change the patterns behind your actions, and replace them with more appropriate ones.

Kinesiology sees pain as a message from the body.  To relieve the pain, we must uncover all contributing factors and address them.  The treatment itself is completely non-invasive and gentle.  It is a tool for self -exploration, helping you to uncover stumbling blocks in your life so as to re-instate positive flow.

It helps you seek out the original source of your disease, finding healing from the inside out.  It is all about homeostasis:  bringing all systems in the body into balance, on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

Amanda Scholtz is a practicing Kinesiologist in the Strand/Helderberg/Winelands area that can come and assist you with your healing process.  This intervention is suitable for both children and adults.

A session costs R350.00

Amanda can be contacted on 082 948 3621 or amanda601116@gmail.com



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