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Renaissance Organic & Homeopathic Skincare

Organic Homeopathic and Phytotherapeutic Skin Care Made in Groot Marico, North West Province All Renaissance products are made with the purest organic herbal extracts Wonderful products for conscious living people and with the added bonus of being very affordable. Please Note:  Due to the fact that the product contains no preservatives it is vitally important that it is kept out of the sun. Go to the link for prices and more...

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Combo of Body Stress Release and Energy Healing

With this combo, you will have a double session i.e one of Body Stress Release, which releases stored up stress, tension and pain in the body.  This is followed up with a session of Energy Healing, which clears the stuck energetic emotional blockages which may be bringing on the stress and tension in the first place. The energy healing re-energises the energetic body and brings it back into a state of balance once again. The Body Stress Release will be with Richard Pickard-Cambridge and energy healing with Carol Wood.  Set in a peaceful garden cabin, this is a very...

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Thank you!! A testimonial for Wendy the animal healer

My cats were attacked by a another cat in our garden. The brother defended her in such a brave way. However due to this she started being fearful of him and hissing and lashing out to her brother. He was heartbroken as he only wanted to play with her as usual . Then I contacted Wendy, I knew with her complete love for animals and vast experience, she would be able to help. Thank you, thank you again. It is lovely to work with someone like you that is so clear, loving, connected and filled with integrity. And wow,...

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One-on-one personalised Animal Healing and Communication course

I am excited to be offering one-on-one Animal healing and communication courses.  These courses really seem to be beneficial due to the following reasons: Many animal lovers are not necessarily people orientated and therefore work better on a one-one-one basis rather than in a group This basis allows you to communicate in your  own way.  We all have different ideas and through this  platform you can safely discuss your own perceptions and ideas without possible judgement. This is highly beneficial on a personal level as well, as I have found that the participant gets healing at the same time....

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