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Part time or satellite office to rent

Peaceful office to rent in building in Somerset West on an hourly, part time or full time basis. Includes a desk and chair, elect/water, internet. Excluding VAT Rates as follows: R2200 monthly R1100 per month for morning or afternoon i.e. 8h00 to 12h30 or 12h30 to 17h00 Hourly – R100 per hour R180 for two hours R260 for 4 hours Parking is not available on site, but one can park across or down the road.   I am interested in the part time office Name Email Address Message 5 + 14 =...

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Body Stress Release is safe for pregnancy

Preparing to bring a child into the world can be stressful, as your body undergoes changes and your stomach expands to accommodate the baby. It’s essential to keep the lower back free of body stress. Pressure in the lower back may cause tension of the ligaments connecting the uterus to the sacrum (the bone at the base of the spine), leading to discomfort, or leg pain (sciatica). Body Stress Release can also be done on babies to relieve any stress or trauma which may have occurred during the birth. Click on the link to find out more about Body...

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Energy boosting Dancercise classes

Have fun getting fit and getting your body moving!!  Dancercise is a great way to do it.  No experience necessary……. This class is predominantly for older ladies (55 and up), but is also suitable for younger ladies as well. We do a combination of stretching, toning, walking, dancing, chair exercises, balance, coordination and improvement of reflexes.  This incorporates some bar work and resistance with balls.  There is no stress to keep up with the fittest, take it at your own pace and come and have some fun while getting your body moving.  The dance steps are simple routines which...

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Finding the Stillness Within Programme

Give yourself the gift of ‘Finding the Stillness within’ in 2018.  Contact me to book a place in one of the groups happening in the future. For more on what Viv offers, click on the following link I would like to join a "Finding the Stillness" group Name Email Address Message 6 + 5 =...

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Body Stress Release in a tranquil environment

Richard has moved from the premises at 89 Andries Pretorius Street to 12 Birkenhead Road.  His new premises offer a tranquil environment in a lovely wooden cabin. What is Body Stress Release? Body Stress Release offers a gentle and effective way to help your body to release stored tension from the muscles i.e. ‘body stress’ Body Stress Release works with your body’s natural desire to be stress-free. Clients are often amazed that such a gentle technique can be so effective in relieving their aches and pains. While you are lying down, fully clothed, your practitioner tests your body for stored tension....

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