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The T.E.A. Network – A small group process for women

THE T.E.A NETWORK : A SMALL GROUP PROCESS FOR WOMEN T.E.A groups meet fortnightly under the leadership of Leila Falletisch. The groups have between 3-8 members. Each month has a different focus which relates to living our lives purposefully and consciously. Every meeting follows the same pattern. We MEET and GREET; CHECK in with each other; Discuss the FOCUS for the month; REFLECT on where we are in our lives and if there is something we would like to change or practice; COMMIT to an action to change or practice. TWO weeks later we meet again. This process enables...

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Animal Healing with Wendy Thompson

Wendy offers the following healing modalities for animals: ANIMALS Reiki for animals Distant  Healing. Quantum Touch. Crystal  Healing. I use different modalities when giving a healing to a client ( Animal ) COURSES Animal Reiki courses, ( for attuned Reiki students) Basic Animal communication  for  you to connect with your pet. Reiki attunements. A special Reiki Blessing for animals.  This will help calm them. House visits  depending on distance Telephone consults by appointment only Animal card readings I would like to contact Wendy for an animal healing Name Email Address Message Message 2 + 1 =...

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Help, my back has “siezed”

It’s a perfectly normal day and you are doing a normal task you do every day, but today you turn and reach for that cup of coffee or get up to fetch something and you suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your back.  If you have experienced this, you will know all about it.  You virtually become paralysed with the pain and everything comes to a stop.  There are a few things that can have happened in the spine or muscles, but more often than not it is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” of too much stress...

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Healing Collaboration Package

Kinesiology Only you can heal yourself.  Kinesiology works with your own body’s innate intelligence, helping you regain a sense of perspective.  Kinesiology uses the unique approach of muscle monitoring that can help you change the patterns behind your actions, and replace them with more appropriate ones. Amanda Scholtz is a practicing Emotional Kinesiologist and can assist you with your healing process. Massage 45 minute relaxing massage to bring about stress relief and to open up the healing channels Johan Carstens is one of the Western Cape’s most highly regarded massage therapists. He has been practicing for over a decade...

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Moving Forward Programme

The Moving Forward programme offers a holistic journey to take you from a place of being stuck, disheartened and with no hope of the future due to various circumstances to a place of better health and personal empowerment on all levels. i.e. body, mind and soul.  This programme is made up of the following: One class a week of dancercise, which includes the following:  Warm up, toning, cardio, fun latin steps, free movement (dancing) and checking in with your body, mind and soul.  45 minutes Walk and Talk mind, body and soul fitness:  Walk to get your fitness levels...

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