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Wendy, the healing communicator and animal Reiki Practictioner

Our 2 year old filly had a huge gash under her abdomen which the vet could not stitch as she went ballistic in spite of the drugs. We wrapped her up with gauze and elastocrepe bandages around her body to keep the gaping wound together and safe from dirt. Three days later, the wound was oozing and the bandages had to come off.  How do you climb underneath a horse that will not let you near her to look at the wound,  let alone pull elastocrepe and pus hardened gauze from the wound without getting kicked to smithereens ?...

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Animal Healing with Wendy Thompson

Wendy offers the following healing modalities for animals: ANIMALS Reiki for animals Distant  Healing. Quantum Touch. Crystal  Healing. I use different modalities when giving a healing to a client ( Animal ) COURSES Animal Reiki courses, ( for attuned Reiki students) Basic Animal communication  for  you to connect with your pet. Reiki attunements. A special Reiki Blessing for animals.  This will help calm them. House visits  depending on distance Telephone consults by appointment only Animal card readings I would like to contact Wendy for an animal healing Name Email Address Message 2 + 4 =...

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Help, my back has “siezed”

It’s a perfectly normal day and you are doing a normal task you do every day, but today you turn and reach for that cup of coffee or get up to fetch something and you suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your back.  If you have experienced this, you will know all about it.  You virtually become paralysed with the pain and everything comes to a stop.  There are a few things that can have happened in the spine or muscles, but more often than not it is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” of too much stress...

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Avon, Annique, Honey, Meridian Agent

Karen is absolutely true and honest in all her communications with her clients and she portrays the epitome of professionalism, warmth, care and product knowledge.  She will go the extra mile!!! Karen has the agency for the following products:  Avon, Annique and Honey and is also an Estate Agency with Meridian Properties. If you would like to order any of the products from Avon, Annique or Honey, please fill in the form below and she will be in touch asap. If you would like to list your home or are looking for a property, please fill the form below...

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