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Help, my back has “siezed”

It’s a perfectly normal day and you are doing a normal task you do every day, but today you turn and reach for that cup of coffee or get up to fetch something and you suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your back.  If you have experienced this, you will know all about it.  You virtually become paralysed with the pain and everything comes to a stop.  There are a few things that can have happened in the spine or muscles, but more often than not it is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” of too much stress...

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Avon, Annique, Honey, Meridian Agent

Karen is absolutely true and honest in all her communications with her clients and she portrays the epitome of professionalism, warmth, care and product knowledge.  She will go the extra mile!!! Karen has the agency for the following products:  Avon, Annique and Honey and is also an Estate Agency with Meridian Properties. If you would like to order any of the products from Avon, Annique or Honey, please fill in the form below and she will be in touch asap. If you would like to list your home or are looking for a property, please fill the form below...

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Delicious butter biscuits, cupcakes, rusks and chocolate cakes

Biscuits, cupcakes, chocolate cakes and buttermilk rusks made to order. All made with stone ground preservative free flour, free range eggs, real butter and love  Note:  Biscuits come in various shapes and flavours and make wonderful gifts for those who have everything “They are really the best biscuits EVER” For more information or prices, please fill in the form below…. I would like more info and prices on biscuits/rusks/cupcakes/cakes Name Email Address Message 7 + 11 =...

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Waitress Training

One of the training options Heartbizz offers is Waitress Training.  Together with Jo of TDF Training, we have formulated a course which spans over two sessions of +- 2 hours each.  This training may include the following but can be suited to your the restaurants requirements: Client & Customer expectations Management expectations and requirements Public Relations – First Impressions and image Customer service Relationship training Meet & Greet and Body Language Waitressing basics and practical training Menu knowledge Better sales Daily specials Serving, clearing and when Drinks Telephone techniques – Answering the phone and taking orders Communication skills Ghost...

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Personal and Small Business Development, Support, Mentoring, Motivation, Marketing and Advertising