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Animal Healing with Wendy Thompson

Wendy offers the following healing modalities for animals: ANIMALS Reiki for animals Distant  Healing. Quantum Touch. Crystal  Healing. I use different modalities when giving a healing to a client ( Animal ) COURSES Animal Reiki courses, ( for attuned Reiki students) Basic Animal communication  for  you to connect with your pet. Reiki attunements. A special Reiki Blessing for animals.  This will help calm them. House visits  depending on distance Telephone consults by appointment only Animal card readings I would like to contact Wendy for an animal healing Name Email Address Message 15 + 6 =...

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Help, my back has “siezed”

It’s a perfectly normal day and you are doing a normal task you do every day, but today you turn and reach for that cup of coffee or get up to fetch something and you suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your back.  If you have experienced this, you will know all about it.  You virtually become paralysed with the pain and everything comes to a stop.  There are a few things that can have happened in the spine or muscles, but more often than not it is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” of too much stress...

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Delicious butter biscuits, cupcakes, rusks and chocolate cakes

Biscuits, cupcakes, chocolate cakes and buttermilk rusks made to order. All made with stone ground preservative free flour, free range eggs, real butter and love  Note:  Biscuits come in various shapes and flavours and make wonderful gifts for those who have everything “They are really the best biscuits EVER” For more information or prices, please fill in the form below…. I would like more info and prices on biscuits/rusks/cupcakes/cakes Name Email Address Message 3 + 1 =...

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Waitress Training

One of the training options Heartbizz offers is Waitress Training.  Together with Jo of TDF Training, we have formulated a course which spans over two sessions of +- 2 hours each.  This training may include the following but can be suited to your the restaurants requirements: Client & Customer expectations Management expectations and requirements Public Relations – First Impressions and image Customer service Relationship training Meet & Greet and Body Language Waitressing basics and practical training Menu knowledge Better sales Daily specials Serving, clearing and when Drinks Telephone techniques – Answering the phone and taking orders Communication skills Ghost...

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Reiki and self healing

I am a huge pundit of self healing, and the fact that whatever physical ailment that presents itself is an emotional blockage which needs to be addressed. In the last few weeks I have been experiencing pain in my abdomen. Knowing that this is all about unaddressed emotional issues, I have been working with them and also doing energy work on myself. At the beginning of the week, I decided to give myself a boost of at least a half hour on the sacral area and am always amazed at the wonderful feeling of firstly the stagnant feeling of the area and then the re-energised energy after the #Reiki. Needless to say, I felt 100 % better after the healing and will continue to do the Reiki until I have cleared the blockage entirely. Sometimes it is necessary to do this as you are working through the issue. Energy healing is amazing!!! Book a Vibrational Energy Healing to set you on a path of healing and a new way of life. Carol Wood SoulsTruth What to expect with a vibrational energy healing session? We will first do an evaluation and discussion of where you are at that particular time with regards to emotional or problem areas in your life.  With this information, we will determine which area you would like to work on.  I will then facilitate a healing...

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