Dreams are the sub-conscious messages we receive during sleep. For awhile now, I have found that even though I am dreaming, I can’t seem to remember the dreams when I wake up and only remember split seconds during the day. Dreams are wonderful tools which prepare you for life and decisions you may be faced with. Last night, I was woken up by a mosquito and couldn’t go back to sleep as my mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts and ideas. Knowing that there was no chance of getting back to sleep I got up and logged onto the internet where I found various interesting articles and one in particular with the topic we have all heard of and sub-consciously know but do not heed, how cell-phones upset our biorhythms  particularly with our sleep and dream patterns. I decided, once I got back into bed to place my cell phone in the bathroom with a wall dividing it and then fell into a deep sleep. I have not experienced such vivid and message filled dreams for far too long. Was it as a result of moving my phone? I don’t know, but I will be doing so in the future and look forward to interpreting my dreams to help me with my decisions going forward. Maybe it is time to start relying on the old alarm clocks, or our inner clocks and leaving our cell phones out of our bedrooms.
Dreams may seem like  a lot of nonsense, but if you write them down and take out key words or factors and ask yourself what that particular factor or that person who appears in the dream means to you, what do they, or their energy represent to you. Once you have all this info down, then write it out again. You will be amazed what the dream is telling you.  Remember, there will be symbolisation, so if you don’t understand why you are dreaming of a bee for example, then Google the symbolisation of a bee to help you interpret your dream.  Sometimes you may need someone else to help you see it more clearly and get that Ah ha!! moment.

Dreams can be magical.  Enjoy and trust that you will be guided by your sub-conscious onto your correct path.

Love and light


carol goatshed

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