This is a very emotional and delicate situation.

The whole family, human and animals alike, are deeply affected when a animal member is dying.  Reiki is a gentle and powerful way to support the entire family as it goes through the process of losing a beloved member.  It helps to bring peace to everyone and to the overall situation surrounding the transition.  Reiki given at or near the time of transition can bring about emotional and spiritual healing for the  animal and it’s family, as well as acceptance and relief from pain and fear for the animal during the process.

To help the animal and family,  I either visit them at their home for a Reiki session or send Reiki to the animal nearing the time approaching the transition,  as it calms the animal and family and helps the animal to release worry on their  part.  They often hang on because their family can’t let go of them.

After the transition I do a candle ceremony  for the animal and family.

Remember our Beautiful beloved animals do have souls and helping them with a loving transition brings them peace.

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