dog-and-catApart from doing Kinesiology on humans, Lemar has had great success with Kinesiology on pets.  By working through you as the pet owner, she can pick up what the pet’s needs are and guide you in order to bring about a healthy and happy pet.

Testimonial from a happy pet owner

Pet Kinesiology : Our pets can’t tell us directly what is wrong with them, which is frustrating as a loving pet owner.

I discovered that through a Kinesiologist, Lemar Chester, she could “tap into” my dog’s physical, emotional & mental wellbeing !
It was a great day, and 4 years later my dog Rags & I still regularly go for Kinesiology sessions.
How has it helped ?…
It is quite amazing on the things which she has picked up on, and hence treated for him.

  • The treatment:  Joint pain (Rags had fractured his pelvis many years ago) which Lemar did not know, and yet she discovered that he was still in pain.
  • She prescribed 2 x tissue salt pills daily – I now call them his “magic pills” as his movement & demeanour changed so quickly within days of this treatment.
  • He has been on these for 4 years now.
  • Rags also suffers from Addison’s Disease (adrenal gland problem) & Lemar checks his medication dosage from the vet to ensure it is working correctly for him.
  • Apart from these conditions, she assists to adjust his food & add/alter various types, depending on what his body is needing.

“Happiness is” :- When I return home after a session for him with Lemar – he always comes bouncing out acting very sensitively & appreciatively towards me – confirming he knows we have just completed a brilliant kinesiology session !

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Kinesiology with Lemar

Kinesiology with Lemar

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