Kinesiology changed my life – by Lemar

I have a passion for working with women who’ve reached a point in their lives where the ‘wheels are coming off’.  Probably because I’ve been there on a number of occasions!  I know that feeling of quiet desperation, the all-encompassing exhaustion, the frustration. The lack of energy to do the very things you know will help you. The need to scream or cry or something!..and you’re not even quite sure why.  You know you need to turn things around, maybe change your diet or your daily habits and thinking patterns.  You read books and articles and think ‘Yes that’s me’ and you try the new wonder-cure pill or life-changing plan, but ultimately none of it lasts.  And its overwhelming. All the knowledge and information and well-meaning advice ..but where to start? What to choose? How much to take or do? And how do you find the wherewithal to make these changes when you’re barely coping as it is.

For me Kinesiology was a turning point. It came at a time when my entire world was crumbling around me and helped me to cope, to gently turn things around and begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Cliche, I know, but very true.

Kinesiology is wonderful in that it works with the body’s priority. This means that while it IS able to give you all the information you need..about what is going on in your body, why it is happening and what you need to do to change it..it gives you this information at a pace that your body and mind can comfortably adjust to.

For some this means jumping in and unpacking many issues and health problems. But for most it means baby steps.

A natural remedy or two to help you cope and lift your mood or maybe ease the pain and discomfit you’re struggling with. Maybe an oil or an exercise or a food you need to add to your diet.

You will walk out with a step by step plan. ‘Take this or do that, x number of times per day for x number of days’. In a months time you return and we take the next step. As you improve we can begin to look deeper (if you wish) into what created the situation in the first place and what needs to be done to facilitate the changes you’d like to see in your life.

For me, that ‘plan’ became my crutch..until I needed it no more, my wheels had stopped wobbling, I stepped back into my life armed with new tools and I started to enjoy it!

When booking a session with Lemar, you will remain fully clothed, treatments are gentle and relaxing and last for approximately 1 and a half hours.

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