The Moving Forward programme offers a holistic journey to take you from a place of being stuck, disheartened and with no hope of the future due to various circumstances to a place of better health and personal empowerment on all levels. i.e. body, mind and soul.  This programme is made up of the following:

One class a week of dancercise, which includes the following:  Warm up, toning, cardio, fun latin steps, free movement (dancing) and checking in with your body, mind and soul.  45 minutes

Walk and Talk mind, body and soul fitness:  Walk to get your fitness levels up.   Time and pace to be determined for each person.

Awareness and goal setting group after the walk and talk:  Check in, what issues are you dealing with? brainstorming, mind mapping, goal setting etc  (this can be done for personal, health, weight, business or spiritual).  When making positive changes in ones life, it is great to have someone to be accountable to in order to get through the difficult patches and to celebrate your achievements with.

Details of classes:

Dancercise – Tuesday mornings 8.45 to 9.30 @ Moth Hall, Drama Street, Somerset West

Walk and Talk and group session – Friday mornings 10h00 – 12h00 @ 12 Birkenhead Road, Somerset West

Cost:  R150 per week

It is advisable to continue with the programme for at least 6 weeks in order to gain the necessary results.

“I have been doing some form of exercise or dancing all my life and have always been passionate about living a holistic life on all levels.  I have been running awareness groups for many years and have seen many people change their lives through taking accountability and action to improve their lives through a more conscious and empowered way of life.  I have learnt how by setting intentions and positive goals, one can attract amazing things into ones life through constant conscious awareness.

In addition to the Moving Forward programme I offer private conscious awareness counselling, numerology/astrology consultations, vibrational energy healing and various workshops to give people the tools to make necessary changes.

I am passionate about offering support, training and development to others so that they can achieve their dreams and full potential.”








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