“In 2007 I lost someone extremely close to me through very tragic circumstances. My journey towards healing started me on a path of growth and transformation. I enrolled at SACAP and did a certificate course in counselling specialising in Trauma and Loss followed by a course in bereavement support through Hospice. Believing that we also need to release trauma on a physiological level I decided to train to become a TRE (Tension and trauma release exercises) practitioner and successfully completed the level 2 certificate which qualifies me to work with individuals and groups. Other courses/workshops I have done along the way which all support the work I do are; Quantum energy coaching which helps people to change limiting belief patterns, Touch for TRE which is a course supporting TRE practitioners in body interventions, family constellations, storytelling and mirroring, shamanic breathwork, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) and recently I participated in a Vision Quest, an eleven day program including 4 days and nights on your own in the mountains, which was a profound and illuminating journey!

Journeys of another kind during my healing, took me on a spiritual quest to Peru and Bolivia and on a cycling trip though the Himalayas of India. This was aside from the annual cycling trips I organise every year to explore different parts of South Africa and the many mountain bike stage races I have competed in. My love of physical challenges and journeying and my interest in transformative work, are strong threads that run through my life. I am excited by the idea of intertwining the journeying and the healing so that one supports the other. I like to offer another option to conventional counselling, of ‘counselling on the move’ – which could involve anything from walking the labyrinth on my property or following a trail in a nature reserve, to a walking or cycling journey of a few days.

I feel and trust that my life’s path has been leading me towards this – to support people in healing and readjusting to life after experiencing trauma, and to empower them to find meaning and hope. I firmly believe that traumatic events can act as catalysts for positive change.”

“The privilege we have after experiencing trauma is that we get the chance to remake our lives; we can build beautiful structures, or we can huddle in the ashes. The choice is ours.” (Rape survivor)

If you would like to find out more about what I offer or to book a session with me, please go to the following link and either give me a call or fill in the form at the bottom of the page and I will get back to asap.

Viv 🙂



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