I am excited to be offering one-on-one Animal healing and communication courses.  These courses really seem to be beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • Many animal lovers are not necessarily people orientated and therefore work better on a one-one-one basis rather than in a group
  • This basis allows you to communicate in your  own way.  We all have different ideas and through this  platform you can safely discuss your own perceptions and ideas without possible judgement.
  • This is highly beneficial on a personal level as well, as I have found that the participant gets healing at the same time.
  • You will get what you need and the course is more personalised according to the participants needs.
  • You will have individual attention and the course flows in a more organic way.
  • Often people who are “tapped-in” tend to retreat when someone in the group who is not as tuned in takes a more active position.

I really enjoy connecting and teaching on this level and find the energy and experience so much greater when working one-on-one.

Details of the course are as follows:

Duration of course:  two days (+- 6 hours each day)

Cost of course:  R1600

You will receive a certificate of attendance.

If you would prefer a group environment, then take advantage of this option:

Get 3 people to join at R1200 each and get yours at R600

Note:  These courses are held in Somerset West, Helderberg

for more information on what I offer, please go to my page

I would like join an Animal Healing and Communication course

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