Since I can remember I have been fascinated with parrots, their different colours and their ability to talk. I shared the love of them with my late mom, and have always thought, “Wow, they must be so intelligent to be able to talk, and where is that brain with their relatively small head.”

My very first parrot was a birthday present. Caught totally unaware and being completely unprepared or knowledgeable enough, I read a lot and let intuition guide me. The breeder sold him to my dad as a baby parrot, but he was not!  He came from many abused homes, and was always returned back to the breeder. This made him very aggressive and I was not able to touch or handle him. I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful friend, who took him, and made him the most loveable and trusting bird! BUT I also had to take “classes” for a solid 2 weeks for an hour per day, to learn the language of parrots, their ways, how to approach them and how to handle them., and at the same time, learnt so much more about these beautiful souls.

A few years later, he unfortunately died from a respiratory disease, which I found out thereafter that it was hereditary (due to in-breeding at breeders). I still miss him to this day.

After he passed, I found the house really just too quiet and we decided to get another African Grey. I went to collect this baby myself at the very same breeder, who wanted to trim his nails, but was in a hurry…… a few moments later (I was not allowed to be with my new baby), I heard a terrible scream and things falling…… he had half amputated the one toe nail bed and when he brought him to me, the poor baby was bleeding and so frightened. The breeder then had the gaul to ask me if I want another one!!

I took my baby home with me, and, due to the fact that he was already so traumatised, I left him in his cage and gave him time to settle in. I interacted and spoke to him and whistled and wow, after 2 days he started reacting and climbing on my shoulder. Thereafter, he was always on my shoulder when I was home. He talked and talked and talked, he was just the most loveable and gorgeous bird.

Oh my word, one Sunday, I will never forget he didn’t say a word. I seriously thought he was sick with the amount that he would sing, whistle and talk. But he was just “taking a break”. 🙂

Years later, we moved to Somerset West, and one dreadful Friday afternoon, we were standing in the doorway and he was sitting on my shoulder while we were looking at the terrible wind and rain outside. Suddenly, as if someone took him, he was blown outside and gone!!  To this day I am not able to comprehend how this happened. I knew who had found him, but they would not give him back to me.  I went from police to newspapers to radio and animal communication, but alas, it was not meant to be.  He had been given by this woman to her son’s girlfriend.

I decided to do a complete course of animal communication and found it so rewarding.  Through doing the course, when standing in front of the house where he was at the time, I found out that he had passed from a broken heart.  He was my soulmate! We had such a complete bond of love and trust, which I have never experienced before and may never experience again.

During this time, being on the internet and sharing my story in the hope of finding him, I had such a lot of offers from people saying….”just take mine”,  “mine is biting his chest and no vet can determine why”.  And…and…and…….. So many people wanting to get rid of their beautiful feathered companions………….

I got a call from a woman, who said that her bird had to go to a new home. She had had a broken marriage, which pretty much broke her, that she couldn’t give the very mentally strong bird the attention he deserved. I had to rescue him!  O boy, he bit and was wild. I immediately changed his name, gave him a new cage and started with pouring love, patience and interactions aplenty.

At one stage I aided in finding missing animals using animal communication, but due to the fact that the missing animal was generally very stressed, it was extremely difficult to connect with them. That is when my boy, now named Peanut,  asked me to use him. So he connected with them and I got my answers from him, or he initiated the connection.

Today, he is cheeky, loving, talks in English and German and has his two worshippers (according to him ), being my two rescue cats, Balou and Angel.

There is so much to know and learn about these wonderful souls.  That is why I am so passionate about mentoring and guiding existing owners or new beginners to the parrot world. I teach them how to live together and understand each other correctly, and at the same time learn more about these amazing creatures every day.


“Just a bird” brings out what’s good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day. I hope that someday humans can understand that it’s not “just a bird”, but the thing that keeps me from being “just a human.” So the next time you hear the phrase “just a bird” just smile because they “just don’t understand”

Note:  From budgies to Macaws – they are all parrots




I offer the following services:

  • Educational and informative workshops for all the correct things important for a happy feathered companion and also for a human. ….. R300.00…approx. 2 hours … (excl travel costs and venue renting)
  • Workshops for those who are thinking of buying or getting a parrot.   You will be guided to which parrot will suit you and also which parrot will suit your home.  R150…. approx. 1 hour  …   (excl travel costs and venue renting)
  • One on one mentoring, consultations at home with human carer to see if everything is conducive to a happy environment,  or why the bird might not be happy. …. R200.00 for 45 minutes (excl travel costs)
  • Distant healing


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