There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  Some people find it easier to meditate while walking or doing creative work as opposed to sitting quietly and focusing inward.   One can liken meditation to when one was a child and would be engrossed in play where time passed without noticing it.  The feeling of being so engrossed in something that you are unaware of time or outside influences can be extremely calming and healing.  By finding an occupation which takes you to a state of calm and healing, one can benefit as much as from sitting silently.  If you are not able to achieve a state of calm or be able to direct inwards through the state of meditation, then consider a hobby you enjoy, walking or dancing, where your focus is only on the task at hand.  Doing something you love allows the light in and allows one to connect with the universe without any excuses as one is generally then in a state of complete calm and open to the energies.Colours

Meditation can benefit one greatly e.g.  Relaxation, better health, pain relief, connecting with your higher self for answers.   We all have the answers within, but too often look outside of ourselves to gain input from others.  Obviously, we are all different and gain insight in different ways, and sometimes it is all in the timing to receive the answers we need, but by connecting to our higher selves, one will receive messages, feelings or thoughts as to how to handle the particular issue.  Meditation brings about the lesson of learning how to tap into your gut feelings and to start living in the moment in order to become your true authentic self.  By doing this, you will start honouring who you are and will not be dancing to others tunes.  Once you start listening to your inner guidance, you will find that you will receive messages of confirmation through repeating patterns.  You will start realising that you knew the answers all along and will start trusting your instincts.  If you are going to start meditation, it is important to bring in a ritual in doing so to train yourself and allow your body and mind to get used to it.  By bringing in a ritual, you avoid excuses not to continue should you go through a difficult time.  (Often, when one is going through a tough time, one would rather evade the issue than have to deal with it, which prolongs the agony).

Should you wish to follow a ritual of meditation where you will be taking quiet time to sit and reflect or go within, you can do the following:

  • Set a time aside every day which will suit you best and where you will not be disturbed.
  • Try and make a sacred space, either at an altar in a quiet corner in your home or in a secluded space in your garden.  If you do not have a space where you can leave an altar, you can get a special box where you can place all your special items and unpack them each time you meditate.
  • If you are making an altar, place a few items which are special to you to make the time more special and sacred.  E.g. candle, your favourite incense, a crystal, a special piece of jewellery, pictures, a mat or cloth and a journal which you can write any thoughts in before, during or after the meditation.
  • You may wish to put on some quiet music to enhance the mood.

To start, take a few moments to reflect on anything you may wish to receive answers to or would like to release.  You may wish to write these questions or notes in your journal as well.

Light a candle and incense and ask your guides, angels and higher self to protect you while you are meditating

  • Sit comfortably, either with legs in a lotus position, lying down or sitting on a meditation cushion.  You don’t want to be too comfortable though, as this may cause you to fall asleep.  Try and sit with you back straight so that the energy can flow freely through your body.
  • Close your eyes and start becoming aware of your breathe.  Take a few deep breathes in and out so that you can relax your body.
  • Start focusing on your body from your toes, relaxing each part of your body, becoming aware of any pent up tension and releasing it and allowing that part to become completely relaxed.
  • Now focus on your thoughts, are they peaceful, busy, negative?  By trying to empty your mind and focusing on a point you will find it easier to keep those busy thoughts from returning.  If they keep returning, acknowledge them and let them go one by one until slowly your mind empties and you will find it easier to focus on the point.
  • If there is any particular issue you would like an answer to, bring it in, but without attaching to it.  Try and look at it from afar, almost as if you are looking at it from someone else’s point of view.  Once again, do not attach to it.  Become aware of any feelings, thoughts, symbols or colours which may come through which will aid you in determining the answer.  By doing this and recording these in your journal, you will over time start understanding the messages your higher self or guides send you.
  • It is also useful to play various outcomes through your mind of a particular issue and become aware of what your feelings are telling you.  Trust that these feelings will give you insight into the right decision for you.
  • If you wish to just sit and go into a quiet space, then continue focusing on the point and allow your mind to wander off.  You may find that you feel as if you are leaving your body.  This is astral travel and you are completely in control of it.  Initially, it may be alarming, but once you realise that the minute you focus on your surroundings you will come back into your body.
  • You can decide for how long you wish to meditate.  You can start off slowly, e.g. about 5 minutes per day and slowly increase it.
  • If you are concerned about losing track of time, you can set an alarm so that you do not  have to worry about going over time during the meditation.  Preferably put it in another room so that you don’t get a fright when it goes off.
  • By setting a certain amount of time it forces you to get over that ego which can try and talk you out of sitting there.
  • It is important to work through the busy mind to get to the quiet space to achieve results.
  • If you find it difficult to still your mind, there are many cd’s you can get which offer guided meditations.
  • You may experience pain, sneezing, coughing, irritation, or your body may feel like rocking or moving.  These can be the body’s way of releasing issues, so don’t fight it.  Allow it to happen naturally.  Let it flow and ask your higher self if you need to be aware of why it is happening. Work through it and trust that whatever needs to happen is necessary.
  • When you have finished your meditation, make sure to ground yourself, by imagining roots growing out of the bottom of your feet.  Thank your higher self, guides and angels for protecting you and for aiding you in any way they may have.
  • Spend some time writing your findings in your journal


If you would prefer to be personally guided into meditation and be able to discuss experiences in order to understand your spiritual growth, I offer one-on-one or group meditation in your home or at my consulting rooms.  Please go to the following link and fill in the form at the bottom of the page to book an appointment.

Love and light


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