Some tips on running your own business

  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  When running ones own business you are often forced to get out of your comfort zone, which can be quite stressful to an introvert, so it is important to work on ways to work around it.  Step number one would be to get to know yourself better so that you can put your business out there more effectively.
  • If you go to network meetings and find it difficult to introduce yourself then ask someone who has experienced your services to introduce you until you feel more confident about doing it yourself.
  • A very important part of running your own business is “Do you love what you do?”.  Running your own business takes alot of time and energy.  If you don’t love what you do, you will find it much more difficult to have the energy to sustain the business.  By loving what you do, it becomes more of a way of life than a job, and also means that you do not necessarily need to retire from it.
  • Think about how much time you actually have per day to commit to your business.  If it is only mornings, or afternoons, make sure that you commit fully to that time.  You can only get out as much as you put in!!  This includes admin, physical work, promotion, advertising, goal planning, brainstorming etc.  When you have quiet times, that is the time to catch up on admin and get your advertising material out there.
  • Do you set time aside for goal setting?  Monthly – What do you want to achieve for the month, what are your income goals for the month, where do you need to adjust your business, looking at realistic plans for the business, is it bringing in sufficient money for you to survive or do you need to add other income generating options to it……  Weekly – weekly to do list which you delete and add to on a daily basis in order to get the tasks done.  It also stops you from procrastinating.  You need to be disciplined.  Make sure to do the things you do not enjoy first as they deplete your energy by putting them on the back burner.
  • Take a look at your own health – physical, mental, spiritual, energy levels, your personal image (you are your business, so it is important for you to look energized, healthy and neat and tidy)
  • Your vehicle, particularly if it is branded needs to be kept clean and your driving impeccable.
  • Your general business image:  Are you prompt, reliable, honest, trustworthy, have good branding
  • Is your advertising material always available (always have business cards on you and give two to anyone interested in your business so that they can keep one and hand one on).  Make sure the details on your cards are up to date.  (Do not print too many at a time so that if you need to make changes, you do not end up with too many with old details on them)  “Business flows where advertising material goes”
  • How much time do you actually spend getting your business out there?  Daily, weekly, monthly.  This is an aspect you cannot neglect.  There are many areas of advertising i.e. newspaper, flyers, internet, networking, social gatherings, email marketing, car branding, building relationships, talks, workshops etc.  To be most effective, try and tap into most of the above to give you a foot in the door on every level.
  • If you need help, ask!!! It can get lonely working on your own and sometimes you need to get your thoughts out by brainstorming with someone to see more clearly.   Find a colleague that you can brainstorm with on a weekly basis so that you can inspire each other or find someone who is an expert in their field to take over the areas where you are not confident so that you can concentrate on the areas where you are strong.  HEARTBIZZ  offers a DEVELOPMENT, SUPPORT AND MARKETING PACKAGE to anyone who is battling to get their businesses out there.  For more information on this, contact Carol.
  • Be excited and believe in your business!!!


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