This is a unique wisdom pack with divinely inspired messages and original artworks by Shelley Adams. As an artist of many years standing, Shelley has been made aware over time as to the effect her work has on others. Whether they find their own messages in the work or whether the work creates shifts within them, the results of their interaction with the art have always been profound.

Divinely guided to create the pack of cards so her work might reach a larger audience, Shelley has further been inspired to give workshops on deeper readings with the cards. All workshops are supported by background information based on the source of the message, numerology, the use of colour and the materials used in the artwork including bones, feathers, stones etc.

“These cards are absolutely amazing and what I love about them is that when using them they can be used intuitively with the guidance of the book or just on their own.  I do believe that their energy alone imparts deep inner messages by just studying them and allowing the colours and essences to come to life.  They would also be great cards to use for meditation.”

The pack is an entirely South African production.

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