That is the essence of the T.E.A programme. A fortnightly meeting of like- minded women, all different ages and stages of life who are all striving to be the best Anne or Pam that they can be.

The T.E.A. program is facilitated by Leila Falletisch and takes place from her home in Erinvale. The program has been running since successfully 2008. There are two meetings a month; one focus session and one Check in session. The Goal of the program is to create a regular quiet space for women to reflect on their life, plan how they would like to make life changes and to check in regularly with themselves and the group about how their plan is going.

T.E.A is essentially an individual journey, each person setting their own goal and pace but within the supportive space of the group.

At each FOCUS session Leila presents a topic which stimulates and inspires thinking and helps manage the journey of life.

The program costs R150 per month. There are 3 time slots to choose from Wednesday and Thursday @ 09:00 and Saturday @ 09; 30.

For more information contact LEILA

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