The Golden Key by Emmett Fox

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The great New Thought teacher Emmet Fox taught the Golden Key to prayer and harmony. The way
to get you or anyone you know out of difficulty of any kind is prayer. Prayer is the overcomer as it
focusses the mind on the answer to the prayer and the answer to any problem is with God. If you
have never prayed before you may think this is a reckless or even foolish claim but if you will give
prayer a chance you will begin to understand the power in the simplest of prayers.
You may have prayed in the past and been disappointed believing that God did not answer your plea
for help. This is impossible as God answers every prayer but regrettably we often pray wrongly.
Emmet Fox, a 20th
century new age teacher tells of a simple way of prayer that can be used by
anyone, anywhere and at any time. It is simple and effective and it is also the kind of prayer that
Jesus used.
Jesus did not look at the problem; even death did not faze him as he knew that God is life. This kind
of prayer is the Golden Key that opens the door to harmony, health, happiness, abundance and
freedom from overweight and addiction. The Golden Key can literally free you from any unwanted
Note: Many people refuse to believe in a God but the God we speak of here is not the man in the
sky that many of us were bought up to believe in, God is energy, pure unadulterated energy, and
energy is all there is. Modern science tells us that this is an energy Universe and everything in it is
energy. The energy has been given many names by many cultures including, God, Prana, Ki, Chi,
Collective Consciousness, Subconscious Mind, Ether, Ra, Krishna, Buddha and probably a thousand
No matter anyone chooses to call it, it is everywhere evenly present, both within and without. We
breathe it, live in a sea of it and are made of it, as is everything that exists. Your thoughts and
words are energy and when you think or speak or listen to or absorb anything from outside of you
it is interpreted by your mind into mind pictures. These mind pictures, like movies, create feelings
and emotions and the pictures and the emotions are acted upon by the energy that is all around
Whatever you think about is realised, it’s that simple. Emmett Fox’s Golden Key has you turn away
from the problem and think of God and in one fell swoop you change negative emotions such as
despair for hope and doubt for success.
Don’t let the word God put you off, if it does it’s only because someone told you as a child that
there was no God or not to trust God and you believed them. Yet it’s well known that even the
most committed atheists pray when the chips are down. A belief in God is built into us and just
because it was repressed does not mean it’s gone forever, like all inborn attributes it cannot go
away altogether.
It’s possible to use the Golden Key and omit the word God entirely and use the words Nature or
Spirit or The Universe, they refer to the same energy as God. The choice is yours but the very word
God has huge power that it has accumulated throughout history and as an energetic word it is far
superior to Nature or Universe as long as you can say it meaningfully. If not use another term. The Golden Key by Emmett Fox

It is historic to call God He and this confuses many and makes them think of the man in the sky
with the long beard but the word He can be changed or substituted for ‘It.’ Older writers use He
and many modern writers use ‘It.’
To be made in God’s image means to have creative abilities like God and dominion over all things
because we have the power to think, unlike animals and plants.
God, being energy and everywhere evenly present is all seeing, all knowing and all powerful, God is
love and joy, health and happiness, abundance and glory and He (It) made man in His (It’s) image
and likeness. All that is true of God is also true of each and every one of us. If God is health so are
you, if God is life eternal it stands to reason that you must also be life eternal.
Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven was within us, all of us, simply awaiting our recognition of
it. Whoever you are, whatever you have done or not done you are worthy simply by being made the
image and likeness of God. God, Emmet taught, is continually showering us with blessings and the
only thing that prevents us from receiving them is our negative belief systems. The Golden Key is
within you and use of it opens you up to all the goodness that is yours by Divine right.
Emmet Fox taught the art of scientific prayer and in this kind of prayer he taught it is God who
works, and not you, and so your specific faults, flaws or weaknesses are unimportant in the process.
He taught that you are just the conduit through which the God action takes place. The purpose of
spiritual treatment is just to get your beliefs out of the way.
You do not have to be an expert or to go to church or have any particular beliefs to be successful.
Beginners often get amazing results and all that is needed or required is an open mind and sufficient
faith to give this honest chance of working for you.
The Golden Key is a simple process and some would dismiss it for that, believing that something so
simple cannot be effective but here it is. All you have to do is, Stop thinking about the problem,
whatever the problem is and whoever it involves and instead think about God.” That’s it; did you
think it would be more complicated?
This is the Golden Key to prayer. When you do this the problem will begin to melt and it makes no
difference how large or small the problem is and what or who it involves there will be an end to it
when you replace it with God. Could the answer be simpler, it could not and yet if you give it a fair
trial you’ll find it works like magic.
The attributes you choose to dwell on while thinking of God should be those that pertain to the
problem in hand. For quarrels or fall outs you may want to declare, “God is peace and harmony, God
is love and inclusion and so am I or we.” For lack of money you could say, “God is abundance and
exuberance, God is overflowing with wealth and whatever is true of Him is true of me.”
If the problem is health, say, “God is health and harmony, the great restorer and healer and with God
all things are possible, a miracle is happening in my life now.” If your problem is overweight you may
say, “God is nature and all of nature is its perfect and ideal weight and size and all that is true of God
is true of me.” The Golden Key by Emmett Fox

If you are feeling great fear you may want to recite the 23rd
Psalm and declare you will fear no evil as
God is with you. The Bible is full of quotes to overcome adversity and if you have no Bible simply
Google, ‘God’s promises,’ or ‘Uplifting Bible quotes’ and you will find as many as you need.
The 23rd
Psalm is the perfect antidote to addiction and could be memorised or read whenever
addictive cravings are cording into your mind. Addiction is all in the mind and is also a result of
feelings of inadequacy. The addict feels inferior to others and puts themselves down and the painful
feelings this causes have to be medicated with alcohol, drugs of all kinds, food or even by slashing
the skin.
This all boils down to the fact that they are mistaken about who they are. Somewhere in children
they picked up incorrect ideas about the truth of them and they have lived by those incorrect
assumptions ever since. In truth every one of us is a magnificent creator with enough power within
us to achieve anything we set our hearts (feelings) on. No-one is a worm in the dust unless they
decide it and when they decide otherwise they will be free.
If you are addicted to any substance then God can free you if you turn to Him (It). You can say, “God
is all sufficiency, He created the heavens and the earth, there is nothing God cannot do, He is strong,
successful and all powerful and I am made in His image, I am of Him and with Him all things are
possible.” Then declare whatever you desire, “I am sober, free, slim, happy, healthy, harmonious,
abundant, healthy etc.” Say, “God makes no mistakes and He made me so I am sufficient, I have all
the power, strength, vitality, work, respect, love, money, health I need.”
When you pray you must stop thinking of the trouble, whatever it is. Those who believe their
prayers weren’t answered may have prayed, “Please God help me to stop
drinking/smoking/overeating or getting sick,” and although the prayer is sincere its focus is on the
thing that is not wanted. That prayer is still answered but it will result in more smoking, overeating,
drinking and getting sick.
When praying correctly all focus is on what is wanted and all focus on God and His attributes which
are also ours. Stop thinking about the problem, it won’t go until you do. The object of this kind of
prayer is to fill the mind so full of God that all else is crowded out. Always remember that God is
light and negative beliefs are darkness and when the dawn breaks we all know the darkness flees.
If you continue this for some time you will be amazed at how differently you feel. This kind of prayer
will fill you with hope and trust and before you know it you will find that the trouble has melted
away and you have demonstrated a perfect result. When you want to use the Golden Key method of
prayer say, “I am going to use the Golden Key to unlock this situation with Kelly or James or with the
fear of loss or lack of money or overeating etc.” Then proceed to drive all thought of the problem
out of your mind by replacing it with thoughts of God.
You may say, “God is harmony and peace and understanding and so therefore are James and I. God is
all there is and God is love and inclusivity and we live, move and have our being in the one God mind.
God is forgiveness and thoughtfulness, compassion and wisdom and so are we. God is the great
peace maker and harmoniser and His peace runs to us and through us.”
When you use the Golden Key to unlock a prospective litigation you may find it will melt away
without coming to court and with justice being done to all parties concerned. Depending on the The Golden Key by Emmett Fox

situation you can repeat this many times in a day or at least as many times as your mind wants to
wander back to the problem. In between the treatments drop all thought of it from your mind and
refrain from worrying it like a dog worries a bone. Leave it be till next time you treat.
To dissolve a litigation (prospective court case) say, “God is all there is and He is within this situation
now. God is justice and harmony and justice and harmony prevails in this situation now. God knows
how to heal and harmonise and this situation dissolves now.”
The Golden Key method of prayer is simple but sometimes your mind may want to make it difficult
and may bring up objections such as, “It’s too simple,” or “I don’t know what to say.” The cry I often
hear when I teach this is, “But it’s all right for you, you know what to say but I don’t.” My answer is
that I too was once like you, I had no idea how to pray, I knew hardly anything of God apart from
what I learned in Sunday school as a child. I had to learn too.
If in need of inspiration Google, ‘God’s Attributes’ or ‘God’s Promises,’ and remember that you are
one with Him so all that is true of Him is also true of you. If you need to know something stop
focussing on not knowing and state boldly, “God is all seeing and all-knowing and nothing can be
hidden from Him so if He knows …………………….then so can I. The answer comes to me now.”
If you are lost in a forest, stop saying, “I’m lost,” and say, “God is guiding me, God is leading me. God
knows the way out of here and if God knows the way out then I know it too.” If you are swimming in
the sea, get taken by a rip tide and feel yourself going under, don’t say, “I’m drowning,” shout out in
mind, “Save me God,” or “God is saving me now.”
If your appetite for anything is out of control stop saying, “I can’t stop eating/drinking/smoking,” say
instead, “God is healing my appetite(s), my appetite(s) are healed and whole, I eat/drink/breathe
only what is good for me, I am led and guided to eat/drink/thing/breathe the things that are good for
me and in the quantities that are right for me, I am strengthened and made whole, I am filled with
the presence of the one who sustains me.”
Say these things meaningfully and feel the difference in you and your body. One of the promises in
the Bible is, ‘Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved,’ so call. Say any or all of
the following:
“God is blessing me now”
“Every time I turn around God blesses me”
“God prospers me”
“God is with me”
“I am surrounded by God”
“I am filled with God’s Holy presence”
“God is guiding me”
“God is directing me.”
“God is healing me”
“God heals my appetite” The Golden Key by Emmett Fox
“God slims me”
“God sobers me.”
“God frees me.”
You’ll find that your mind begins to clear and new fresh thoughts and ideas come to you. You will
feel stronger and more capable. Others will begin to notice a difference in you, they will comment
on it. Be thankful.
Do not try to work out how the problem will be solved, leave that to God. When we try to work out
the solution in our mortal minds we prevent God from using His mysterious ways. When I used the
Golden Key method to unlock a potential financial disaster that could have potentially cost over half
a million pounds God worked in His miraculous way and the amount dropped to a fraction of the
cost. This problem had been deemed unsolvable by a firm of top London solicitors and if I had tried
to guess how it could have been solved I would have been wildly out.
However, in the hands of God the problem melted like butter and was solved in a very unusual way
and when you have witnessed a miracle like that there is left no doubt that prayer works. Your half
of the equation is just to use the Golden Key, leave the rest to God.

To your success Christine

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