The last several weeks have been a time of tumultuous and intense energies..with conflicting choices and emotions leaving many feeling wrung out and more than a little confused.
When seeking a compass point, I often turn to my most beloved inanimate books.
The power of the written word – its ability to reach down deep into one’s soul, to challenge, amuse, provide insight and elicit emotion, is the reason it will always be such an intrinsic part of my life.
And it is why, when sifting through my emotional debris, it is a practice of mine to open one of my many books at random and allow higher guidance to reach me through a beautiful phrase or passage.
The passage that was gifted to me this week was around the Power of Choice and its underlying motivations.
The author believes that Choice – with all its creative and spiritual implications – is the very essense of the human experience.
And what is important is not what we choose but why.  That at a very deep level the motivation behind all choice and action is either Fear or Love.
We are either coming from a place of fear…of loss, rejection, pain, fear around issues of survival, comfort, lack of control and so forth.
Or we are operating from a place of Love and implicit ourselves and in the Divine.
When I first read this some years ago, my initial reaction was that it was a bit overly simplistic.  But that brought to mind another quote from a Buddhist tract..
“Yes it’s simple. In the way that climbing Mount Everest is simple. You simply put one foot in front of the other and go up. Simple. But never Easy.”
I love this analogy. When I extrapolate from there, it gives me a simple yet profound way of looking at life’s travails.
The Choice to go up. Failing and trying again. Re-evaluating, gathering experience and tools and support and moving inexorably forward. Sometimes in leaps and bounds and at others one teeny tiny rock, bruise and frostbitten toe at a time. The exultation as you reach your summit and proudly plant your flag. I am Here. And I am Whole.
Love & Light,
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