T.E.A groups meet fortnightly under the leadership of Leila Falletisch. The groups have between 3-8 members. Each month has a different focus which relates to living our lives purposefully and consciously. Every meeting follows the same pattern. We MEET and GREET; CHECK in with each other; Discuss the FOCUS for the month; REFLECT on where we are in our lives and if there is something we would like to change or practice; COMMIT to an action to change or practice. TWO weeks later we meet again. This process enables us to grow as people in a supportive and non- judgmental space. All meetings take place in ERINVALE . The cost is R150 per month and included both meetings; refreshments and all material. Currently the groups meet Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Over time we get to know each other well and support each other through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Women of all ages and walks of life are welcome

For more information: CONTACT LEILA

T.E.A 4 success

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