Sodium Bicarbonate is a completely natural product that regulates the ph of the body..internally and externally. This means that it corrects both acid and alkali levels, ensuring that the correct ph balance is reached.  It also acts as a buffer – helping to maintain that balanced ph for longer periods of time.   This action, combined with its antibacterial properties, make it an extremely effective cleanser which can be used on its own or in combination with other natural substances (such as vinegar, essential oils, etc) to create an amazing range of safe, non-toxic body and household products.   These are just a few examples:


•Toothpaste or mouthwash

•Soothing paste for stings and bites or add half a cup to your bath to soothe sunburn

•Athletes foot and fungal infections

•Antacid for heartburn and indigestion (half a teaspoon dissolved in half a cup of water – can be repeated hourly for a few doses. Do not use continuously)

•Houshold cleanser and sanitiser

•Fabric softener and brightener

•Carpet cleaner

•Mattress sanitiser

If you’d like more information, I have some fantastic books that you can peruse for recipes and tips.. or, of course, the ubiquitous Mr Google.

A 25kg bag of Epsom is R320 and the Bicarb is R360..

You can purchase smaller quantities of Epsom from me at R20 per kilo.   (Please note:  Collection to be made from my office at a pre-arranged time.  NB  Payment to be made by EFT, and proof of payment received by me to ensure your order is processed) – PLEASE NOTE, ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE HELDERBERG AREA, CAPE TOWN

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Kinesiology with Lemar

Kinesiology with Lemar

Lemar is a Kinesiologist and in addition offers Reiki and Shiatsu, as well as Nutrition, Health and Natural weight management consultations.  Book a consultation with her by clicking on this link

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