Are you anaemic or need more iron in your diet?
There are various healthy options which will increase your iron levels.
Some of the symptoms of lack of iron may include, dizziness, fainting, fever, a flushed face, nose bleeds,throbbing headaches, high temperature, a ruddy complexion, a feeling of congestion, congestive headaches.

Tissue Salt No 4 – Ferrum Phos – “Margaret Roberts”  Tissue Salts for Healthy Living

Iron is contained in the haemoglobin of the blood and, to a great extent, in all the cells of the body except the actual nerves.  But, the nerves are lined with a protective sheath – a connective tissue containing blood, which with its iron content is able to actually penetrate the cells to nourish them.  Ferrum Phos. is able to strengthen the walls of the bloodvessels, specially the main arteries – the body’s freeways – and their ability to distribute fresh, oxygen-rich blood to the cells.

Foods rich in Ferrum Phos.

Spinach, lentils, radishes, onions, walnuts, strawberries, apples,lettuce,almonds, sesame seeds, leeks and garlic.  Red meat and liver are also rich sources of iron and are best served grilled with lemon juice. Use stinging nettle tops(picked with gloves on) cooked with spinach and served with fresh lemon juice as a cleansing dish.

Eat at least seven of the above listed items daily to maintain good health.  Kelp tablets, made from seaweed, are an important supplement as this also contains iron.

Herbs: Alfalfa, bilberry, cherry, dandelion, grape skins, hawthorne berry, mullein, nettle, pau d’arco, red raspberry, yellow dock.

NOTE:  Have a complete blood test to determine if you have and iron deficiency before taking iron supplements. Excess iron can damage the liver, heart, pancreas and immune cell activity, and has been linked to cancer.  Use supplements only under the supervision of a qualified health care provider.

iron tablets

If you are given the go ahead to supplement iron , then GNLD Chelated Iron is a very good supplement.  The Chelation greatly enhances the absorption of this pure, high quality product.


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