Unmasking the woman in you.

 What a great morning we had at the Workshop.  Here are some photos taken on the day.


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A practical and interactive workshop with Maggie D  –  New Zest Image and Fashion Stylist
maggie damp
Discover your feminine essence inside and out through the following:

The Mask you wear 

Pretty Positive 

The face in the mirror – Maggie


Do you really know who you are?  Carol

Colours to make you shine – Maggie

The essence of a woman – Carol

Upstyling the old you (Bring an item of clothing you still love but wish to upstyle) – Maggie

Treat yourself to a morning discovering the woman you are, enjoy good company and delicious tea and cake.  Prepare to be transformed!!!

The Essence of a woman from the lips of a man

The essence of a woman is a positive and self-confident attitude that is based sub-consciously in a deep sense of self- worth and self-acceptance and as a result exudes a subliminal aura of calm.  This lack of self-doubt affords her the ability to enjoy life and situations around her.  She will therefore not be aware, or take on board any judgements others may hold of her.  It is these women who are fun to be with and exude surprising amounts of sex appeal.  These women are the ones that guys cluster around and wish to be with.

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