Our 2 year old filly had a huge gash under her abdomen which the vet could not stitch as she went ballistic in spite of the drugs. We wrapped her up with gauze and elastocrepe bandages around her body to keep the gaping wound together and safe from dirt. Three days later, the wound was oozing and the bandages had to come off.  How do you climb underneath a horse that will not let you near her to look at the wound,  let alone pull elastocrepe and pus hardened gauze from the wound without getting kicked to smithereens ? Call on Wendy Thompson!  ……..While Wendy was busy with her Animal Reiki telepathically, we managed to cut away the elastocrepe around her body and I then sat beneath her for 1 hour and 45 mins with a break every 15 mins using warm water and a scalpel blade, and bit by tiny bit managed to remove most of the gauze to allow the wound to heal uncovered. The next day the vet came to see how the wound was looking and could not get near her, nor anyone else for that matter until some weeks later when the wound had almost completely healed.   Just that day!

Months later our same little difficult girl had to have her feet trimmed at the new farm she was boarding at. Same lady trimmer as at our place but when it came to the hind feet, our little madam decided she was not having anything of the sort! The farmer and trimmer were ready to give up when I called Wendy .They looked on in disbelief when after about 15 mins, she allowed the trimmer to complete the trim of her hind feet. Seeing is believing they say!

Growing up is never easy ,so when our little girl, almost 3 now had to go to a schooling yard ,all was well in the camp with her new friends that first day,  until she had to be haltered to go up to the stables at the end of the day. I was there to see her and check all was well when after about 30 mins there was no sign of her or her buddies. I went down to the camp and she was really angry with the people trying to get a halter on her. She was trying to bite them, chasing them, trying to kick them and gnashing her teeth at them. Not good at all, very bad! I tried my usual food in a bucket trick, not working.  Call Wendy!  Lo and behold after about 15 mins she allowed me to put the halter on her with the food trick, and walked back like a lamb.  All stared in amazement.

Barbara, Somerset West

June 2017


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