After doing your relaxation and breathing techniques

Imagine yourself to be in a wonderful place in nature where you can relax, feel free move freely, be at peace and happy.  A beautiful garden, fields, waterfall, a forest, a lake or on the beach.

Be aware and feel, sense, smell & see everything around you clearly and in full colour.

Find a place to sit and just breathe. Imagine the place to in surrounds you with the beautiful soft golden healing light of Christ Jesus, Angels, Guides, Higher Self, connecting you to God or the Universe… or any source that feels right for you.  Imagine beginning to breathe that light into your body through your head.

The light is going through the head, throat, neck and shoulders, down your arms and out of your hands. Feel the warm tingle or vibration in your hands as you sense this vibrant energy.

Feel it moving down your back , through the muscles and your spine…
and now it flows down your torso .. feel it fill up your heart…breathe it into your heart,  be aware of the love, healing, peace that comes from the God source into your heart.. feel the gratitude.  Allow it to move inward and down into all the inner organs. From there it flows into you pelvis and hips and genital areas. Then down your legs to knees and down into feet. Feel as if your feet are grounding to the earth.

Imagine rods, roots, cords or anchors gong deep into the earth to ground you.

Feel your heart again, feel the light fill up your heart.. be aware of the love, healing, peace that comes from the God source into your heart.. feel the absolute gratitude at this connection. See it as a radiation ball of bright golden white light.

Allow this light to grow and glow out of your skin into your auric field creating a golden, white or iridescent colourful radiance of light all around you.. like a bubble or an egg.. thicken the outer boundaries as much as you want.

Now focus again within, on any area of pain and dis-ease in the body….how do you see this.. what does it look like ..or feel like… what’s in there…feeling or emotion,  what or who is this linked to? Perhaps you imagine this as a darkened area.  Allow the golden warm light to flood into this area clearing, flooding, dissolving, repairing and healing. Feel the soft gentle pulsing of light… allow and surrender to the process with Gratitude & Gratefulness. And  start saying…

“Thank you for this healing, thank you for this love, for this light,  thank you for my ease of movement, thank you for all the little things that bring me enjoyment. Thank you that every day in every way I am getting and feeling better and better, stronger and stronger, more and more loving. I love and accept myself and I love and accept this pain knowing it was trying to show me something, but I can start releasing it and letting it go a little more and more every day. Because every day in every way I feel better and better.”

Was there anyone that showed up ..with what this pain maybe linked to.. if so who do you have to forgive and let go in order to aid your healing.  Imagine the light and love in your heart to flow into the heart of the other and surround them., enabling them to be healed and free.

“Even though you hurt or offended me in some way.. I choose now with this light and love in my heart to set you and myself free. I forgive you and anything you did that contributed this situation.   I now release you and release the past. I forgive anyone who has had a negative impact on me. I choose love, forgiveness and compassion”

DO you have anything to forgive yourself for and to set yourself free from.

“ I now total forgive myself for any hurt or negative impact that I have caused or allowed to myself or anyone else. I release the pain and release the past into this light. I release and let go of any guilt and shame. I take responsibility of releasing this into the light. I free myself. I choose love, forgiveness and compassion.

Thank you for forgiving me and releasing me and setting me free. Thank you ….

Look at that original area again.. does it still look darkened now.. what does it look like … how has it changed, what did it try and show you.

Any part of the body can be worked on this way with love, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion and gratitude.

You can also talk to the body part in this way loving it and freeing it.

Also by holding, rubbing, and sending light to the area and using the simple affirmation Ho’opponopono Healing Cleansing Prayer by  Dr. Hew Len.

“I am sorry. Please forgive me, I forgive you – If necessary) I love you, or I send you love & compassion,  thank you.”

Give thanks to the light, your connection to God, yourself and for the healing process. See yourself surrounded by a radiant light running free and happy in your peaceful place. Effortlessly and with ease. See yourself moving freely and feeling joyful and happy to be free and alive. Imagine yourself in your future how you would actually feel if this were healed. Relish that feeling.

Tap on the center of your chest with the tips of all your fingers in the heart area and say… it’s wonderful to feel this way, I love feeling free, peaceful, loving (etc) happy & healed. Thank you …..(source)

Tap on each leg first right then left 10 times stating ..’s wonderful to feel this way, I love feeling free, peaceful, happy & healed. Thank you …..(source)

When you’re ready to begin moving out of relaxation, gently move the fingers and toes. Let some sensation spread into the hands and feet. Stretch or move in any way that feels good. If you were lying down roll onto your right side, and rest there a minute. Breathe easily. Take the best feeling of this relaxation with you.

It’s useful to remind yourself throughout the day that it’s wonderful to feel this way …etc while tapping with all the fingertips of one hand on your chest – whereby creating an anchor – And every day in every way I just get better and better or stronger and stronger ..etc.

Or you can use the Ho’opponopono  prayer for Cleansing and healing as often as needed.

When you are in the healing meditation or after relaxation meditation you can also use any of the affirmations that metaphysically go along with the ailments and areas of pain in the body from the notes.

Be gentle and kind and loving to yourself.

For anyone really struggling to cope with any deeper issues from the past it may be advisable to come for a therapy session with me.

I also offer a group a workshop that gives techniques for releasing stress, tension, pain and trauma.



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