“Every time I run a “Finding the Stillness” programme, it reminds me of how powerful TRE is, but it is even more powerful in the setting that we are doing it in with the labyrinth.  It is really supportive doing it in different ways and the fact that it is over a period of time and in a small group format enhances the effects.   The difference between when people arrive and when they leave is amazing. There was an older woman who came onto the course.   When she walked in I thought I should have looked at her form earlier as I’m not sure if I would have taken her on in a group setup after reading her report.   In saying that, I have found that the people who have had challenging stories actually do very well because they have got the support of the group.  I monitor them and if they are not progressing in the group session after one or two sessions, I would suggest working with them privately, but as yet, this has not been necessary.   Just as an example, when we went around the room to check in and chat to everybody, we got to her and she said she couldn’t talk.  She just sat with tears pouring down her face.  By the last session she was like a different woman.  She’s been battling with anxiety and depression for 18 years and now she has cut off all her meds.   I’m not saying it’s a quick fix, but she was committed!! People who are committed  have a far better chance over a period of 6 weeks in that situation than if they come and see you for 2 or 3 times.  It was unbelievable, her whole face changed, she was taking her power back, and it was fantastic.

There was another girl on the course who had suffered from back pain for 16 years.  After doing her first tremor , for the first time in 16 years  for 48 hours she had been pain free.  By the last session after doing TRE 2 or 3 times a week she said she experienced no more pain.  She felt so empowered because she had been to Dr after Dr, tried this tried that.  Her back will obviously not be completely right because physically there are problems but she has obviously released those patterns of tension that have been held around the injury.  So the injury might always be there, but you can change the pattern which is being held onto.  Such encouraging stories!!

I am looking forward to offering mini  one day  “Finding the Stillness Programmes”, as well as personal one-on-one programmes in the future for those wishing to work on their own.”

Wonderful – the gift of a quiet space, sharing with lovely women and learning more about oneself  – truly is a gift worth unwrapping.  Thank you.

So grateful to have been part of this “time away”.  Loved it and learnt from it, something everyone should experience!!

Wow, wow, wow!! What a great experience to find my inner self, my strength and dignity.  The power of being me.  What a great feeling.

Thank you for creating a space where I could turn the Duracell bunny off and find much needed stillness. Some very powerful realisations and decisions emerged and took place and I don’t believe I would have found the courage to make these decisions if I hadn’t been on this course.  I needed space and time to hold back on making other decisions which I would have rushed into and possibly regretted.

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