Anxiety is a very real problem these days and many suffer from it, due to the pressures of society.  Many are in jobs they hate, relationships which are not working, living in stressful conditions,  fearful of crime, trying to survive on minimal income and the list goes on……..  If you wake up feeling stressed and anxious, and it continues throughout the day, these few tips might help you gain control.

  1.  The mind plays huge tricks on us, and is mostly about expecting and fearing the worst outcome.  When worrying about a certain issue, imagine what the worst scenario could be.  It might not be as bad as you think and something you could easily cope with should it come about.  Most often fears are unfounded and are attached to a past fear which you are carrying with you.  Find someone to talk to about it to gain rationality.
  2. If you are worrying about your health and that there might be something wrong, change your lifestyle and take control of your eating habits which may be contributing to your problems.  Stay clear of over stimulating foods and drinks which increase anxiety.  Steer away from drinking too much alcohol, it might help you at the time, but it will dampen your mood afterwards and make things appear worse.
  3. Exercise!!  This is one of the best ways to reduce that anxiety.  It takes away stress in your muscles and makes you take in more oxygen.  (When stressed, you tend to stop breathing, which causes more anxiety due to lack of oxygen).  Exercise also takes your mind off the things worrying you and you start to feel better about yourself as you get fitter.  Note:  Make sure to do exercise that you enjoy, doing something you have to force yourself to do causes further anxiety.
  4. Do some rhythmical breathing. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7, out for 8. This will once again increase your oxygen intake and also take your mind off whatever you are worrying about.
  5. Give yourself the option of taking time out.  When you are at your most anxious, step away and give yourself at least 15 minutes of time out to regroup.  Do what you know will calm you down i.e. go for a walk, get outside, make yourself a cup of tea, play with your pet, have a bath or shower, do something creative
  6. Become conscious of your thoughts so that you become aware of whether they are justified.  Practice meditation and mindfulness on a daily basis.
  7. Take in healthy and real foods, enjoy the process of preparing them, and even better grow your own veggies.  Time out in the garden tending them is a natural stress reliever. Even if you have a small garden, there are many ways to grow successful veggies in containers.  Gaining the correct nutrients is vital to bring your body into balance!!  Add as many fresh herbs as possible to your diet, they are very high in nutrients.
  8. Reward yourself regularly.  We are often too hard on ourselves and need to reward ourselves for hard work done.  Give yourself the gift of time to do what you love, buy that favourite item, spend time with people who energise you.
  9. Dance, sing and listen to music, or give yourself the time to be creative.
  10. Spread love and kindness.  The reward of giving to others is a wonderful stress reliever, but make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons.  Give someone a hug, it releases hormones which bring on the happy feeling.
  11. Speak your truth and resolve those unspoken issues that you may have with others.  Keeping it bottled in causes stress in the body.
  12. Stop trying to control outcomes
  13. Have regular massages.
  14. Do TRE (Trauma release Exercises) 
  15. Sleep!!
  16. Laugh…………….


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