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The lovely space Viv offers her clients

I visited Viv at her home today which is situated on a smallholding outside Somerset West.  It was the most stunning day with a few clouds in the sky and a crispness in the air after the rains yesterday.  Viv has a lovely therapy room where she offers counselling and quantum energy coaching as well as TRE.  She also offers the “Know Me” game which empowers communication, builds trust and transforms relationships. Outside, and to the side of her home she has a labyrinth with beautiful views of the Helderberg and Stellenbosch mountains in the background.   I can imagine...

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Start your own business or boost your existing one!!!!

Are you tired of working in a corporate environment or for other people and have always wanted to run your own business?  I have a great passion for helping prospective business owners or existing business owners by developing, supporting, mentoring and promoting them.  In a consultation, the needs of the person will first be evaluated and some of the following will be dealt with. Evaluation of natural abilities and passions Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses Goals Business ideas Finding a market niche e.g. Unique, value for money, quality, service Your competition Target market Financial availability and outlook Once the above...

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Review of Behaviour re-patterning session with Patsy

Last week I went for a session with Patsy whereby we initially evaluated a block that I was having, which we could work with.  Patsy used a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMDR (eye movement and desensitization & reprocessing) and ESR (emotional stress release-kinesiology) to bring about re-wiring of past habits or behaviours, or in my case past life memory which was effecting my way forward. After finding words and phrases describing the problem areas, Patsy then proceeded with tapping, eye movements and kinesiology, continually checking in to see how strong the feelings where are what else came...

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Recommendation for Patsy

“I have had an interesting and intensive therapy session with Patsy, who combines the innovative use of various modalities to re-wire the subconscious behaviour and structure of oneself via EFT (emotional freedom technique), with EMDR (eye movement and desensitastion & reprocessing) and ESR (emotional stress release-kinesology). It produces a powerful, yet practical and balanced, easy to use methodology to clear emotional issues and provide the tools to move forward and change your life. It is wonderful and reassuring to know that there is way forward. Patsy’s professional understanding, empathy and focused healing provides a solid base to move forward in...

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