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@Abelia Guest House

This homely and welcoming guest house offers 3 self-contained suites with outside entrances. It has stunning views and is situated within walking distance to a shopping centre and petrol station (Spar, florist, pharmacy). The Waterstone shopping centre is approximately 1.4 km away, which also has a Virgin Active Gym. The Guest House is also perfect for those attending conferences at the Lord Charles Hotel and requiring accommodation in the surrounds. Boat Suite The boat suite is a large double suite decorated with a nautical style and has access onto a patio, pool and braai area. It also has lovely views of the Hottentots Holland mountains. Room with a View This suite is situated upstairs and is our pride and joy with stunning views over False Bay and the Hottentots Holland mountain range. Corporate Room This a tranquil suite is ideal to relax in after a long day of meetings. It is tastefully decorated in greys with a hint of mustard. It has twin beds and is the smallest room of the 3. Note: The owners live on the property and there are two very friendly “guard Labrador” dogs that are always happy to welcome you. There is also a photography and dance studio on the property which is set away from the Guest House. For more info go to the page link I would like to make a booking...

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Dance with Nigel Lucas

I studied ballet at UCT Ballet school. After my studies I danced at NAPAC, 1983/1984, and left NAPAC to join CPAB ballet after completing my Solo Seal (highest dance exam of the Royal Academy of Dancing). I was very fortunate to have had colleagues such as the late Phyllis Spira prima ballerina, Edward Greyling, dancer noble, and Elizabeth Triegaardt. I was trained at CAPAB by the late David Poole, who has awarded me, a new comer to the company with little solo and step out roles. I have all this knowledge that I have acquired over the years to pass on to the new little dancers that might one day like to dance in a professional ballet company. Because I value training of classical ballet, my classes are small so I can give individual attention to the dancer if there is a problem. I am looking for kids around the age of 5, that can start their training with Creative Ballet, which will start to instil coordination, movement and musicality with the use of props. Ballet classes for trained children Ballet classes for baby ballerina’s Balled classes for adults Based in the Helderberg, please go to the link for more...

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Digital Moment Photography Studio

Studio owner and Photographer Carla Winter specialises in Studio and Lifestyle Photography. “My wide variety of Photography includes a professional studio where I do product, profile, fun family, newborn & maternity shoots. I also do natural light and on location shoots which include – profile & group sessions, branding, and property photography. My big love is property or Architecture Photography and Landscapes.” Digital Moment Studio is conveniently situated in Abelia Street, Somerset West with ample safe parking . The Studio space is also available to rent to professional photographers, dance and lifestyle studios as well as for small conferences, talks and workshops. Go the Digital Moment page for more information I would like a to find out more about Digital Moment Photography Name Email Address Message 15 + 6 =...

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Heartbizz Kitchen Kombucha Tea

  Heartbizz Kombucha offers the following flavours: Rooibos Rooibos and ginger Honeybush and honey Available in 250 ml and 750 ml bottles 250 ml R25.00 750 ml R50.00 Kombucha,is a natural and thirst-quenching drink with a delightful fizz and awesome flavour! It is rich in antioxidants, prebiotics and digestive enzymes, and is a great healthy alternative to the common sugar-laden soft drinks and fruit juices. Kombucha is brewed through a natural fermentation process involving a beneficial live culture known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) which is added to a sweetened tea mixture. The SCOBY breaks the sugars down into beneficial organic compounds which are believed to give the beverage its numerous health benefits. Some of the main benefits may include: Strengthening of the immune system Natural overall energy boost Aids in liver detoxification Numerous enzymes and prebiotics promote digestion and metabolism An overall refreshing and tasty beverage to enjoy on any occasion! Please note! Sediment and small clumps may be present in your kombucha. This is completely normal, due to the raw and living nature of the SCOBY and its kombucha product. Feel free to strain your kombucha before drinking, if you would prefer. Your kombucha is a naturally fizzy beverage, so keep it refrigerated and avoid shaking prior to opening. Available in the Helderberg on order I would like to order Kombucha Name Email...

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The Elbow, Wrist and Hand – Body Stress Release

  These joints may be stressed by jarring the arm, as in a fall, by twisting movements, such as using a screwdriver or opening a tight jar, or by vigorous actions such as scrubbing or using woodworking tools. Tension becomes locked into the elbow joint, between the small wrist bones, or between the hand bones.  Carrying heavy shopping bags with the handles looped around the fingers may induce body stress in the joints of the fingers or at the knuckles. As a result, pain or stiffness will be experienced, and possibly numbness or tingling.  There may be weakness of the muscles when attempting to lift or grasp an object. TRUE CASES A pianist was aware of a sense of restriction in the palm area of one hand.  Body stress was located between the hand bones.  A few days after the releases, he reported that the reach of his hand had increased, enhancing his skill in playing the piano. A woman in her sixties sought BSR care for relief from pain and stiffness in her neck.  In the third session, she reported that her neck was fully movable and pain-free, but her left wrist had become painful.  She explained that ever since a fall off a horse in her teens, she had lost all movement of the wrist. Body stress tests of the arm revealed tension stored between the bones...

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