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Heartbizz Kitchen Kombucha Tea

  Heartbizz Kombucha offers the following flavours: Rooibos Rooibos and ginger Honeybush and honey Available in 250 ml and 750 ml bottles 250 ml R25.00 750 ml R50.00 Kombucha,is a natural and thirst-quenching drink with a delightful fizz and awesome flavour! It is rich in antioxidants, prebiotics and digestive enzymes, and is a great healthy alternative to the common sugar-laden soft drinks and fruit juices. Kombucha is brewed through a natural fermentation process involving a beneficial live culture known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) which is added to a sweetened tea mixture. The SCOBY breaks the sugars down into beneficial organic compounds which are believed to give the beverage its numerous health benefits. Some of the main benefits may include: Strengthening of the immune system Natural overall energy boost Aids in liver detoxification Numerous enzymes and prebiotics promote digestion and metabolism An overall refreshing and tasty beverage to enjoy on any occasion! Please note! Sediment and small clumps may be present in your kombucha. This is completely normal, due to the raw and living nature of the SCOBY and its kombucha product. Feel free to strain your kombucha before drinking, if you would prefer. Your kombucha is a naturally fizzy beverage, so keep it refrigerated and avoid shaking prior to opening. Available in the Helderberg on order I would like to order Kombucha Name Email...

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The Elbow, Wrist and Hand – Body Stress Release

  These joints may be stressed by jarring the arm, as in a fall, by twisting movements, such as using a screwdriver or opening a tight jar, or by vigorous actions such as scrubbing or using woodworking tools. Tension becomes locked into the elbow joint, between the small wrist bones, or between the hand bones.  Carrying heavy shopping bags with the handles looped around the fingers may induce body stress in the joints of the fingers or at the knuckles. As a result, pain or stiffness will be experienced, and possibly numbness or tingling.  There may be weakness of the muscles when attempting to lift or grasp an object. TRUE CASES A pianist was aware of a sense of restriction in the palm area of one hand.  Body stress was located between the hand bones.  A few days after the releases, he reported that the reach of his hand had increased, enhancing his skill in playing the piano. A woman in her sixties sought BSR care for relief from pain and stiffness in her neck.  In the third session, she reported that her neck was fully movable and pain-free, but her left wrist had become painful.  She explained that ever since a fall off a horse in her teens, she had lost all movement of the wrist. Body stress tests of the arm revealed tension stored between the bones...

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All natural Doggy Treats

These doggy treats are made from all natural ingredients and can be purchased by contacting me below at R18 per packet. The dogs love them, particularly my quality controller Sasha ? Visit and like the Heartbizz Kitchen page for updates on new baking projects.   I would like to purchase some doggy treats Name Email Address Message 12 + 5 =...

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Body Stress Release is safe for pregnancy

Preparing to bring a child into the world can be stressful, as your body undergoes changes and your stomach expands to accommodate the baby. It’s essential to keep the lower back free of body stress. Pressure in the lower back may cause tension of the ligaments connecting the uterus to the sacrum (the bone at the base of the spine), leading to discomfort, or leg pain (sciatica). Body Stress Release can also be done on babies to relieve any stress or trauma which may have occurred during the birth. Click on the link to find out more about Body Stress Release with Richard Pickard-Cambridge BSR really worked for me during pregnancy, as we all know the weight and strain our backs have to carry is a lot more, I had a lot of pain in my upper and lower back and I must say BSR helped me to relieve this pain! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BIRTH OF YOUR LITTLE GIRL DESIRE Desire I would like to book a Body Stress Release Session with Richard Name Email Address Message 8 + 7 =...

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Dancercise – Inspiration through Dance

Have fun getting fit and getting your body moving!!  Dancercise is a great way to do it.  No experience necessary……. This class is predominantly for older ladies (55 and up), but is also suitable for younger ladies as well. We do a combination of stretching, toning, walking, dancing, chair exercises, balance, coordination and improvement of reflexes.  This incorporates some bar work and resistance with balls.  There is no stress to keep up with the fittest, take it at your own pace and come and have some fun while getting your body moving.  The dance steps are simple routines which we build onto as we go. This class is aimed at giving every part of your body a chance to move and come alive. Take a look at this article on 3 Ways Dancing Benefits your brain When:  Tuesday mornings –  8h45 to 9h30 Where:  Moth Hall, Drama Street  (behind the Playhouse) Cost:  First class free then R60 per class I would like to join the dancercise class Name Email Address Message 1 + 12 =...

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