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Finding your way back to Good Health

In these difficult times, we are challenged with high stress levels, lack of sleep, poor digestion, no energy;  feeling disconnected, moody and emotional.

We are always being sent messages of imbalance – tight shoulder, poor shoulders, poor digestion and injuries.

WE need to slow down and explore these messages.  As Deepak Chopra says – The mind and body are like parallel universes.  Anything that happens in the mental universe, well leave tracks in the physical one.

Let me help you find a way to a healthy balanced lifestyle supported by natural, soothing essential oils and healthier habits.


I am Carol Rickards

Emotional Aromatherapy and Aromapressure Practitioner

Aromatouch Technique Advocate

Stott Pilates Instructor

Certified in Healing through Grief using natural techniques

I have learnt to support my body through ill-health, stress, trauma and grief (so I walk the talk!) I’ve been there and come through with a strong belief that my soul purpose is to help people do the same.

I will help you 

Identify where you have emotional blocks, and how they are manifesting physically causing discomfort, misalignment and possibly dis-ease.

Identify what emotions sit behind your physical/medical issues and how to release them

Emotional Wellness

Becoming aware of every aspect of ourselves

Re-learning who we are

Learning to let go of thoughts and beliefs that are not longer needed

Facing life choices, limiting beliefs, starting to act in alignment with self

Trusting the process

Letting go of control

Emotional Aromatherapy

Talk therapy

Tracking where emotions sit in the body, creating energy blocks, imbalance and eventually dis-ease.

Ancient Chinese wisdom – face and tongue mapping and circadian clock

Food cravings & emotions – what we desire and how we feel leads us to which organs are out of blance

Essential oil blends specifically designed for emotional health and self-empowerment practices to bring balance back into our lives and bodies


Stress reduction technique

Talk therapy/Affirmations

Stimulation of the acupuncture points

Essential old blends designed to release emotional blocks

Cortisol reduction, calming the fight/flight response in the brain

Pain, anxiety/depression and immune system markers improve

Aromatouch Technique

Unique modality applying essential oils in a light and fluid movement to the back and feet

Positive stimulation of the entire body

Human touch combined with the power of essential oils

An overall wellness experience supporting the return to homeostasis


Pilates and yoga inspired

Mind/body connection

Releasing tension and blocks, revitalising fascia

Bringing back freedom of movement in your joints and better posture

Essential Oils

Ancient plant wisdom

Preventative health care

Reducing toxic load

The First Step

Let’s set up a consultation time – online or in person

Just 30 minutes

Here we can explore your personal needs and decide on the best plan for you

Emotional Aromatherapy and Aromapressure

3 – 4 months duration

1 consultation per month

Weekly check ins

Personalised monthly plan of lifestyle changes and activities

1 x Digestive oil blend

1 x Aromapressure oil blend

1 x Emotional oil blend per month


Aromapressure – R350/session
Aromatouch Technique – R600/session
Pilates R300/45 minute session


Please contact me via whatsapp or email to arrange and appointment.


Carol Rickards


EFT Aroma (CCHH)

Healing through grief (Elizabeth Kuebler Ross Foundation)

Stott Pilates Instructor

Cel:  0828020278


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