I decided to let my creative juices flow on the weekend and bought some clay so that I could make the crystals that I had, wearable on a thong or ribbon.  Most mornings, I will intuitively choose a crystal which I need for the day out of my bowl of crystals and generally put them in my pocket or if I don’t have one, in my bra.  This creates a problem, as often I forget the crystal in the pocket and it gets washed and then lost in the garden or it drops out of my bra and, on more than one occasion,  I have had  strange looks from people when a stone emerges out of nowhere and scatters across the floor.  By making the pendants, I firstly have the pleasure of creating them (they are all unique) and  secondly, I can wear them without losing them.  I also often advise my clients on which crystals they should wear for a particular issue that they are working on, and now they can get their own special and unique pendant.  I think this is my new creative outlet, and find that as I go along, each crystal guides me to what design it wants.  Take a look at the ones I have made so far.

clay crystals


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Love and healing light