Do you want to know what’s going on in your body. – With your Organs, your Bones, your Skin, Thyroid, Eyes etc?
Do you need to know the Root Cause of your symptoms?
Do you have Allergic reactions that you don’t know the cause?

Quantum Pulse has just been launched in Somerset West. This cutting edge Specialised Technology from Russia scans the entire body and identifies all pathology, micro organisms, levels of functioning genetic predisposition etc. and recommends treatments that are most effective including :

Allopathic, Herbal, Homeopathic, Crystal, Food and dietary supplements.

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Sonja Nell
072 744 6702 

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First 5 clients to make an appointment get a free session of 2 hours initial full scan including full profile of Vitamins, minerals, hormone levels etc. worth R650.

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“Sonja’s background in Nutrition and Weight Loss research, coupled with this state of the art Bio Frequency machine and amazing Intuition deliver a powerful assesment of one’s state of health and useful guidance on a way forward”  Milli Rivera

“The session with Sonja was great. I was impressed with how thorough and detailed of an assesssment it was of my whole body.   We even looked at my nutritional, vitamins and mineral deficiencies. In addition Sonja was great at explaining the results of the tests and giving advice.  We also did some frequency therapy and I felt much better after just one session”  Nicola Nargha

“My experience with Sonja and Frequency Therapy was very accurate and informative.  I presented with mostly skeletal pain in my feet, lower back, shoulders and hands, and it was found that the issue was mostly due to a lack of collagen and possible osteoporosis in the future.  Other issues I was concerned with was possible pathology from a root canal, but the report back was that it was not a problem, but I would like to keep an eye on it going forward. Other findings was a parasite in my left hand (I have been experiencing pain in my fingers on my left hand) and in my sinuses which was causing some hearing loss and respiratory problems.  Both these areas where treated with the pulse machine.  Having identified these issues, I can now take steps to improve them with the pulse machine, as well as the required herbs and homeopathic remedies.  Thank you Sonja”