I have done some form of dancing all my life and at present am doing solo latin at “Amanda Peaceful Dance Company” .  The solo latin is great, as you obviously don’t need a partner, hence the “solo” so I can still enjoy being able to do it albeit on my own.  Starting out in solo latin, you learn a few basic dances such as cha cha, jive, passo double, samba and salsa.  By entering the exams, you then go up a level and add onto each dance to become more proficient in the steps.  I have always found the exams rather stressful and swore that I wouldn’t do another one, but last year I decided to “get over myself” and got talked into doing it.  Even though I always find it extremely stressful, this time my “getting over it” and enjoying the dancing helped me through.  I was also pleasantly surprised by my results 🙂  So now we are on the road to the next exam and once again I am not sure I will enter, but will evaluate that as time goes by.

Amanda often organizes dance parties or workshops which are facilitated by Shannon from “Dance Parties – With Shan“.  On Friday, a friend of mine Jo and I joined the “Burlesque” workshop.  We dressed up with feather boa’s, miniature fascinator hats, high heals and fishnet stockings.  The great thing about the workshop was that there are a range of different aged ladies from +-17 to 70 so everyone is welcome and all are at different stages in their dancing.  Guests are also welcome.  It was great fun and we had our work cut out for us remembering the steps and dancing at quite a pace, but we were all very proud of ourselves at the end of the workshop.  Thanks Shannon and Amanda for offering a great platform for allowing us to express our creative sides through dancing.  The next workshop will be on 23 May and the theme is “Dirty Dancing”.   This workshop will be for couples, but singles are welcome!!

Contact Amanda for more information on Solo latin classes and Shannon for Dance Parties.

Some pics that were taken on the evening.