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Over the last year, I have had many clients who have walked through my doors presenting with many different aches and pains and I am constantly amazed at how, after putting our bodies through so much, given the opportunity, they can heal themselves. One of the most common pain causing problems is bad posture, mainly through the following:

  • Laptops at the incorrect level – ensure that the top of your laptop screen is at eye level and, if possible, use a second keyboard.
  • Examine your posture when sitting or lounging on your couch or chairs, if your spine is in the shape of a banana, you could end up with problems.

Richard treating childBody Stress Release offers a gentle and effective way to help your body to release stored tension from the muscles i.e. ‘body stress’.  It is necessary to attend 3 initial appointments  in the first 2 weeks to ensure that the body can heal effectively and more appointments may be necessary depending on the body’s response and how long the tension has been stored.

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