Heartbizz  offers hands-on and personal creative coaching, mentoring and support for you and your business. This includes brain storming, planning, goal setting and motivation.  You will also be taught how to setup social media platforms and how to market your business on these platforms.

Each person has unique qualities and strengths.  These will be determined through various tools so that you can offer a uniquely “you” service to your customers.

I am here to walk alongside you on your journey in whatever capacity you require so that you can achieve business and personal success.

Business consultations  – R350 per consultation

Other long term requirements – Rate to be discussed

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Carol Wood 

I would like to say a sincere thank you to Carol, for the dedication and time she has put into me and my practice.  Carol has taught me so much and has turned my business around in 3 months as well as putting my practice on the map.  If you want to gain exposure for your business, leave it to Carol at Heartbizz.

Thank you from my heart for all your time and patience.

Wendy Thompson

Business Owner, Healing Touch

“Carol has become an invaluable part of my business. More often than not, she is more enthusiastic about the possibilities, and so creative in her thinking when marketing and social media is the last thing on my mind. Carol sees an opportunity for a competition, a product launch, a marketing campaign or running a special on overstocked items. She constantly pushes me to reach higher and build my business even more.

Some small business owners can become complacent, especially when you do everything on your own. Sometimes you just want to survive and you don’t do the extra bits to increase your sales. That is why having a business development associate like Carol is so essential.

Carol is incredibly varied in her approach. She’s involved in keeping the integrity of my brand and what Gurmuki stands for and offers its clients. She manages my social media accounts, she accompanies me on photo shoots, she’s involved in the design layout of my retail store and she’s someone I am able to brain storm with and throw ideas around in regards to price policy, life style photography, brand image and all the things I need a second opinion on. She takes initiative, brings focus, keeps me accountable and she is incredible fun to be with.”


Business Owner, Gurmuki

This special lady is definitely inspiring… she is the reason that I plucked up my courage and delved into my gift of touch. Without her encouragement, guidance and friendship I would probably still be sitting up on a cloud ? Anyone needing some guidance, whether it be personal or business… she’s the lady! – Robyn


business owner

  • you are a brilliant business coach
  • you are great at focusing, directing and guiding your clients (and me of course)
  • you are great at understanding a person’s core issues
  • you are great at recognising a person’s talents and gifts
  • supportive role
  • empathetic guidance
  • firm, honest help & support
  • wisdom, creativity
  • nurturing, nurturing, nurturing, WOW!!!!
  • great at seeing one’s strengths and weaknesses
  • brilliant networking ability, organising ability

Basically I want to say 3 things:

  1. You got the best out of me by the way you went about identifying what I am about and what I really want to do.
  2. Your step by step practical advice and support every week, gets me focussed and motivated
  3. The fact that I know there is someone out there who sees the potential in me, and that I know I am in good hands, and there is just the knowledge and security that with you ‘holding my hand’ (or kicking my arse in the nicest way!!!) I know I can succeed.

This ability you have is a gift, and your talents are very real and very valuable resources! “Carol is a wonderful, gifted business coach, who provided me with much needed focus and direction regarding my career goals. Because of her innate understanding of human nature, together with her wise, pragmatic manner and invaluable business experience, she was able to pinpoint my strengths and link them into a cohesive blueprint. With her supportive guidance and infinite patience, Carol has harnessed my talents, personality and core business identity. Her amazing ability to network, in conjunction with her step by step practical goal setting, has enabled me to expand my work and has opened many doors. I recommend Carol to anyone out there who would like to start their own business, or take their business/work/ to a new level. – Joanne Jardine – Inter-personal Relation Analyst


business owner, Interpersonal Relation Analyst

I’ve known Carol for several years now and she is, in my opinion, exactly what a business woman and personal coach should be…honest, reliable, hardworking and resourseful. She is unfailingly supportive and encouraging, has solid, practical ideas and advice and is not shy to give me a gentle, loving kick up the backside when its needed – something I very much value! She has spent many an hour with me; brainstorming, helping me to discover where i want to go with my business (and personal life) and how i want to get there, helping me put plans in place and always being there to support when the wheels come off. I have recently signed on as one of her bb’s and am very pleased to have her guiding me in this minefield called marketing…designing logos, advertising, social media and creating awareness – all things in which i am horribly unskilled – are now seeming do-able and attainable – Thank you Carol! – Lemar Chester – Specialised Kinesiologist


Business Owner, Specialised Kinesiology

Carol has been invaluable at helping me market my small business, as well as providing encouragement and support along with practical advice. – Vanessa


Business owner, Vanessa's Vintage Studio

Thanks so much Carol!! You’ve really helped me the last couple of months and I really appreciate it!

“I have really appreciated your sessions as it has not only been
supportive, but revealed blocks and facilitated healing to dark areas
of my life.
Your multiple ways of working and the tools you use are powerful”


Heartbizz Creative Business Coaching

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