Heartbizz Kombucha offers the following flavours:


Rooibos and ginger

Honeybush and honey

Available in 250 ml and 750 ml bottles

250 ml R25.00

750 ml R50.00

Kombucha,is a natural and thirst-quenching drink with a delightful fizz and awesome flavour! It is rich in antioxidants, prebiotics and digestive enzymes, and is a great healthy alternative to the common sugar-laden soft drinks and fruit juices.

Kombucha is brewed through a natural fermentation process involving a beneficial live culture known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) which is added to a sweetened tea mixture. The SCOBY breaks the sugars down into beneficial organic compounds which are believed to give the beverage its numerous health benefits.

Some of the main benefits may include:
Strengthening of the immune system
Natural overall energy boost
Aids in liver detoxification
Numerous enzymes and prebiotics promote digestion and metabolism
An overall refreshing and tasty beverage to enjoy on any occasion!

Please note!
Sediment and small clumps may be present in your kombucha. This is completely normal, due to the raw and living nature of the SCOBY and its kombucha product. Feel free to strain your kombucha before drinking, if you would prefer.
Your kombucha is a naturally fizzy beverage, so keep it refrigerated and avoid shaking prior to opening.

Available in the Helderberg on order

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