I offer hands-on and personal creative development and support for you and your business. This includes brain storming, planning and goal setting, social media marketing, mentoring and motivation.

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WEB EXPOSURE FOR YOUR BUSINESS:  Take the option of a free page on the Heartbizz website, with 20 % commission payable on successful sales or service offering.

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Call Carol 083 306 2107 to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.
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  • Heartbizz will not be held responsible for any misconduct, unprofessionalism or poor service that the advertiser may offer.
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I would like to say a sincere thank you to Carol, for the dedication and time she has put into me and my practice.  Carol has taught me so much and has turned my business around in 3 months as well as putting my practice on the map.  If you want to gain exposure for your business, leave it to Carol at Heartbizz.

Thank you from my heart for all your time and patience.



Healing Touch

“Carol has become an invaluable part of my business. More often than not, she is more enthusiastic about the possibilities, and so creative in her thinking when marketing and social media is the last thing on my mind. Carol sees an opportunity for a competition, a product launch, a marketing campaign or running a special on overstocked items. She constantly pushes me to reach higher and build my business even more.

Some small business owners can become complacent, especially when you do everything on your own. Sometimes you just want to survive and you don’t do the extra bits to increase your sales. That is why having a business development associate like Carol is so essential.

Carol is incredibly varied in her approach. She’s involved in keeping the integrity of my brand and what Gurmuki stands for and offers its clients. She manages my social media accounts, she accompanies me on photo shoots, she’s involved in the design layout of my retail store and she’s someone I am able to brain storm with and throw ideas around in regards to price policy, life style photography, brand image and all the things I need a second opinion on. She takes initiative, brings focus, keeps me accountable and she is incredible fun to be with.”