It’s a perfectly normal day and you are doing a normal task you do every day, but today you turn and reach for that cup of coffee or get up to fetch something and you suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your back.  If you have experienced this, you will know all about it.  You virtually become paralysed with the pain and everything comes to a stop.  There are a few things that can have happened in the spine or muscles, but more often than not it is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” of too much stress or tension in that area over  a period of time which eventually rears its head and screams out “No more, I need help!!!!”  This can be caused by bad posture caused by sitting badly or physical, emotional or psychological stress or trauma over a long period of time.  Any stress or tension in the body builds up and if not released in some form will more than likely bring about pain and discomfort.

Time and again I get a panicked call from clients saying their backs have “seized” and that they are literally lying on the floor and can’t move. 

Body Stress Release is a very gentle, yet effective way of getting them back on their feet.  It can be done immediately and one can expect at least three sessions to bring the body back to a state of “calm”.  It is very important to see the treatments through to achieve the best results. Thereafter, it is advisable to maintain by having at least one session a month to prevent further incidences occurring again. 

Consultation cost:  R250.00        Note:  I do house calls in the Helderberg, with a call out fee of R50.

To book your Body Release Session, please give me a call on 073 473 6910 or complete the contact form below.

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