I have always been interested in herbs for health and healing.  I am slowly cultivating my herb garden, not so much for culinary benefits, but more for healing.  Never being one for relying on medication and doctors to heal, I have relied heavily on natural remedies and self healing for most of my life.  First and foremost is the food we take in, as we are all coming to realise, and as time goes on, I have found myself only buying fresh foods and no longer buy the processed or prepared foods which so many additives and preservatives can be hidden in.  Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I immediately start with a dose of garlic cloves swallowed with water,  (be careful to chop them up small enough to swallow them easily, as they tend to get stuck in your throat) and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  I find that more often than not the cold never materializes or if it does, then it only lasts for a very small time.  I have recently put lemon balm in my garden, which is a great calming herb and good for insomnia, depression, indigestion, anxiety and tension.   I put the leaves into my juices in the morning or brew it as a  tea with honey.  My borage is growing beautifully, with it’s lovely blue flowers and it can be used as a tea to bring down fever or applied to sore eyes.  The crushed leaves can be applied to insect bites.  It helps with kidney and bladder infections.  Please note that herbs can be very powerful and must be used carefully, or find out if there are any side effects before using them.

Yesterday I added the following herbs to my herb garden:

The trusted old thyme – A great antiseptic and can be applied as a hot poultice to boils and abscesses, amongst other things.

Celery – celery can treat excess weight, rheumatism and nerves.  It is a great cleanser

Tansy – Tansy is a great insecticide and can be used to deter fleas  or flies.  It can be used externally for swellings, bruises, earache, sties and eye inflammation

Winter Savoury – great as a tea for colds.  It is beneficial for constipation and flatulence and helps to regulate the bowels.

I have also taken to cooking my dog’s food rather than buying the pellets and often add herbs and vegetables from the garden were necessary. They love their food and my 16 year old Bubbles doesn’t scratch or have such smelly skin anymore.  Chilly flakes too, for pain from arthritis.

As time goes on, I am realising that by turning to my own garden to ensure my health is the way to go, even just spending some quiet time in the corner at the bottom of my garden is so healing and calming.  I am also cultivating quite a bird population due to the fact that I don’t use any pesticides in my garden and use all my fallen leaves and branches to make my own compost.  Next on my list is definitely a worm farm and hopefully some chickens again one day.  Those free range eggs cannot be compared to the ones bought at the shops.

Having access to so many wonderful healers in the area, I have also been able to ward off any serious illness by receiving natural treatments and energy healing.  I cannot emphasize how important these aspects have been in my life and believe that they are essential in anyone’s life to maintain balance and health.

My own spiritual growth has also helped me to understand myself more and the workings of the universe and in doing so realising that one needs to work with your own grain and not against it to maintain health.  One of the most difficult things can be to acknowledge who you actually are and not buying into the belief system of who other people believe you are.  Walking one’s own spiritual path is not easy, as once you decide to take it, one can no longer blame anyone else for one’s problems.  The responsibility solely lies with you and what you bring into your orbit.  I always say that we are the centre of our own Universe and bring in the energies orbiting us in order to learn.  Sometimes we bring in the same energies over and over again until we finally learn the lessons we need to.

I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday saying that I had watched “Eat, Pray, Love” for the first time and had cried through most of it, as I felt I could really benefit from taking some time out in a retreat and experiencing a different life, whereby she said, that we have it all right where we are, we just need to take the time out to experience it. This really hit a cord, as looking at all the wonderful spaces and diverse people we have around us we can experience  this retreat by allowing ourselves to look at them in a completely different light.  We  trap ourselves into our own drama and routine, when we could experience life differently right where we are and at a fraction of the cost. Thanks Jo for this insight and allowing me to look at life differently!!!

So, it really comes back to “getting back to basics”, which I love so much.  Being the cancerian that I am, I get my greatest enjoyment out of my girls, home, garden, animals, being in nature and being able to help others by being allowed to facilitate their healing to bring about the necessary changes they need to make.

If after reading this, you feel you would like to me to help you to make changes in your life, please go to the following link.

Love and light