I was with a friend and colleague today and we were discussing the fact that she had for 4 years been following a career, which she hoped would take off, but time and again there have been disappointments and no returns.  I have known her for many years and have been trying to show her that she needs to put her skills and natural abilities into her creative side, which she comes alive with.  She is also a natural teacher.  I had suggested to her that she do a vision board to see what her sub-conscious was telling her about what she truly wants in her life.  Now normally, you would stick your pictures on cardboard, but fortunately she hadnt, so I asked her to lay out the pictures as she originally had them.  The placements didn’t feel right to me, too organised and planned, so I asked her to lay it out again without bringing in any logic or planning.  Being an organised and orderly person, she found it rather difficult, but she got there :). A completely different picture emerged and through an evaluation of the placements and meanings of the pictures to her, we saw a pattern emerging of what it was that she really wanted to do.  Then her excitement grew, not without apprehension though, as she was experiencing a great feeling of fear.  I asked her what the fear was about, and she said “fear of failing”.  I have found it very interesting that many people will find it easy to follow a career that does not mean that much to them, but basically “brings in the money” as they are not putting their innermost passions on the line.  This is very understandable, as by putting your “baby” out there to be exposed and possibly rejected is very frightening.  So what happens, we continue doing work that does not inspire us, long to do the work that we love, and never find that state of happiness and peace of doing what we were meant to do. I took the advantage of her excitement and “gently” prodded her into some brainstorming, visualisation of her dream, and there and then we decided to take some pictures to set up a facebook page.  The name popped out naturally, and she realised that she had all the information and materials necessary to continue, waiting to be unveiled.  When I left, I could feel her quiet excitement, but reservation.  This is where may passion comes in, and what I do best……..nurturing, support and guiding people to unveil their passion safely, step by step.  It isn’t easy to put oneself and ones dreams out there, so I also help with advertising and promotion of your business to get you started, until it becomes less scary. The best way to get started is to take the first step, it is one step ahead of the person that is still stuck in fear.  Then take the next step, and the next…………soon, you will look back and wonder, “How did I get here”, but with a much happier heart.

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