Today, we were fortunate enough to be able to experience Viv’s labyrinth at her wonderful peaceful space at “La Vie”.  The  SoulsTruth Thursday and Friday meditation groups joined up, and even though most of them had walked a labyrinth before, they all had personal experiences which gave them insight into their lives at that present moment.  We were lucky enough to see two blue cranes (our national bird) flying past with their guttural bugle-like notes, ‘krraaarrr’ and a yellowbilled kite flying directly above us giving further messages to the group, amongst other birdlife

Many people confuse a labyrinth with a maze.  A labyrinth is a series of circles which take you into the centre and out again, bringing about a right brain task, involving intuition, creativity and imagery.  A maze is more of a puzzle which needs to be solved and is a left brain task.  A labyrinth brings an experience of journeying within, which also allows the person walking it to receive subtle messages to questions asked before the time or peace and solitude by finding the calm state in the centre.  Each ring can depict certain aspects of oneself.  Each journey can be different.

Should you wish to experience walking on Viv’s labyrinth or wish to join her “Finding the Stillness within” programme in October, which will include walking the labyrinth when possible, please fill in the form below



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