I have never had the privilege of working on someone who has just had a bad fall or been in an accident, till now.

As a BSR practitioner in the line of work one comes across many interesting people (read : big problems). Sometimes due to their nature one has to work very carefully so as not to hurt them further. It can be a bit nerve wracking working on such cases. Generally people who have been in accidents wait a couple of days before coming to see me, usually in the vain hope that the stress will leave their bodies on its own.

On last Sunday however my eldest son fell out of a tree in Radloff. Probably for the first time too, and considering he has spent most of his life up a tree it was a shock to all. He landed flat on his side with a sickening wet ‘thwap’, got up (to my relief) staggered 3 paces and collapsed (to my horror) again in the long grass. It turned out he was winded so I pumped his diaphragm with his legs till the spasm had passed. To make things worse for him, other parents who’d seen him fall came over to see if he was OK, and this further embarrassment was just humiliating for him.

As soon as I got him home I did Body Stress Release on him which was an awe inspiring session as well as being a bit shocking in its own way as I was able to feel his joints grinding back into their rightful places. Granted, the distances they moved were tiny, but it felt under my fingers like two coarse bricks being rubbed slowly together.

Needless to say, this has to have been one of the most amazing sessions I have ever done.

Remember, if you have a fall or accident to make it a priority to come for a Body Stress Release Session as soon as possible in order to get the body back into alignment so that it does not cause long term damage and pain.  In an emergency, I can come to your home.