Time to set a course

It has been seven months since my youngest daughter, Cindy, left home for college, and even though I had been preparing myself for this time for many years, it is not without it’s challenges and often lonely times. I think, possibly, the most challenging is the fact that I now need to re-define who I am, I am no longer the mom, the disciplinarian, taxi, cook, nurse or maid, and to top it all I have just turned 51. I must say though, not having to worry about what time the girls come home, what they eat, how late they sleep, are they doing their homework etc…… brings peace of mind and now, with this spare time, I am free to pursue a life of my own.  I have learnt so much over the years and as I look back, the time behind seems to be getting shorter and I feel as if I have hardly lived at all, but saying this, I look forward to finding new aspects of myself and being able to do the things that I have put on hold.  Certain things don’t change though, one of them being the fact that I am a cancerian and find I get my greatest pleasure out of supporting, nurturing, feeding, developing and making people feel comfortable and at home.  Now that my children have left the nest, I am able to continue this pleasure with others to a greater extent.  I have found over the years that when asked what I want to do, I was overwhelmed with the question as there were just too many things I wanted to pursue. I have studied many things, tried a lot of different careers, had a fascination for many subjects and have felt great stress not fitting in with everyone else who had a particular business or career. I have since realised that what I really want to do is be of service to humanity as the greater family, which incorporates all that I have learnt and is what I have been doing anyway for most of my life.  As one grows older one also realises certain patterns and behaviours which can be telling of who you really are.  I have found that it is very important for me to have the freedom to work at my own pace and at different things which means that working for myself without having the restrictions or rules of a workplace is essential for my well-being.  This is greatly conducive to my being able to offer the services that I do through Heartbizz. It gives a wonderful platform for me to help others to fill their potentials and allow them to show their unique talents and abilities.  I also have a fascination of how people behave and sub-consciously block their paths due to past trauma and issues, which have a huge affect on how they take steps into the future.  With my need to understand the power of conquering these human survival mechanisms and supporting and bringing clarity to people, I have a further gift, I think, of always believing that there is a way around any difficult situation in order to see a clearer road ahead.

Whether I am doing one-on-one consulting, facilitating a workshop, healing, promoting, advertising or marketing a client, my main goal is to allow the client the opportunity of growth, inner peace and understanding of themselves in a supportive way.  I am so happy to be doing what I love, and even though there are obstacles and difficult times which need to be overcome, I trust that by doing what I love, I will be truly and utterly supported by the universe and the people I love and that I may in turn support others who wish to follow their dreams.

Love and light



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