Paint it

  • Painting workshops for adults and kids
  • Art in a box
  • buy some art

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TDF Training

Offers a ‘hands-on’ approach to our training for small to larger businesses/ private students, offering the following courses……… more

Heartbizz Personalised Tours

Wine Tours and tours at your own pace

Max 3 people

Rate per km plus surcharge

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Robyn Blomer – Akashic Revolver

  • Akashic Record Readings
  • An Akashic Reading really helps you to identify WHO you are and understand WHERE particular behavioural patterns stem from, WHY we act the way we do and HOW we can behave ourselves out of negative states.

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Metal recycled sculptures.…….

Recycled metal materials made

into beautiful sculptures by two

Zimbabwean brothers

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Inspiration through Dancercise

  •  Various forms of dance
  • Exercise, toning, cardio, stretching, balance
  • Aimed at 45 and up ladies
  • No experience necessary

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  •  Mentoring
  • Energy Healing
  • Numerology/Astrology readings
  • Workshops and course
  • Meditation
  • Safe space to heal and grow

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