“I have had an interesting and intensive therapy session with Patsy,
who combines the innovative use of various modalities to re-wire the
subconscious behaviour and structure of oneself via EFT (emotional
freedom technique), with EMDR (eye movement and desensitastion &
reprocessing) and ESR (emotional stress release-kinesology). It
produces a powerful, yet practical and balanced, easy to use
methodology to clear emotional issues and provide the tools to move
forward and change your life. It is wonderful and reassuring to know
that there is way forward. Patsy’s professional understanding, empathy
and focused healing provides a solid base to move forward in life. I
can highly recommend her skills as a necessary, worthwhile and
effective step to practically and powerfully shift yourself from one
step to the next. These improvements will alter your perception and
change your life. Obviously, as with most things, it will require your
willingness and co-operation to effect these changes, but the rewards
are worth it. As recent as these changes have been, I can feel the
difference already, and it is the first time in a long while, that I
have felt this supported and powerful. My heartfelt thanks”. Jo

To find out more about what Patsy offers, or to book a session with her, please go to the following link.