I am a huge pundit of self healing, and the fact that whatever physical ailment that presents itself is an emotional blockage which needs to be addressed. In the last few weeks I have been experiencing pain in my abdomen. Knowing that this is all about unaddressed emotional issues, I have been working with them and also doing energy work on myself. At the beginning of the week, I decided to give myself a boost of at least a half hour on the sacral area and am always amazed at the wonderful feeling of firstly the stagnant feeling of the area and then the re-energised energy after the #Reiki. Needless to say, I felt 100 % better after the healing and will continue to do the Reiki until I have cleared the blockage entirely. Sometimes it is necessary to do this as you are working through the issue. Energy healing is amazing!!!

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Carol Wood


What to expect with a vibrational energy healing session?

We will first do an evaluation and discussion of where you are at that particular time with regards to emotional or problem areas in your life.  With this information, we will determine which area you would like to work on.  I will then facilitate a healing to break up and release the stagnant energy in order to allow the healing to begin.  It is often necessary to do at least 3 sessions to ensure that the process is complete and thereafter a maintenance check-up is advisable.

I also advise my clients that sometimes things can get worse before they get better, but with the support of counselling and energy work and the commitment to the process, one will experience amazing results.

Cost of a healing:  R400 for initial consultation and R250 thereafter




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