Renaissance – Herbs from Africa


Organic Homeopathic and Phytotherapeutic Skin Care

Made in Groot Marico, North West Province

All Renaissance products are made with the purest organic herbal extracts

Wonderful products for conscious living people and with the added bonus of being very affordable.

Please Note:  Due to the fact that the product contains no preservatives it is vitally important that it is kept out of the sun.

Cleansing Beauty Milk Water Soluble, removes all traces of grime and make-up.

Ingredients:  Saponaria, Beeswax, Essential Oils

200ml R85
Refining Facial Mask Gives a healthy smooth look.  Encourages deeper impurities to be removed.

Ingredients:  Myrrh, Clay, Calendula, Papaya

50ml R55
Active Day Moisturiser Gives extra protection and lustre to the skin whilst moisturising.  Use also as an after-sun treatment

Ingredients:  Thyme, Essential Oils. UVA/UVB sun protection

200ml R95
Night Rejuvenator An excellent cream which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, also healing acne and scar tissue and also increases circulation.

Ingredients:  Thiosinanime,  Essential Oils, Vit A, D & E

50ml R95
Eternal Youth Gel A gel rich in rejuvenating vitamins.  Anti-aging reduces puffiness around eyes and smooths away wrinkles.

Ingredients:  Collagen –Sarsaparilla plant extract, Vit E





Perfect Hands & Body Homeopathic hand and body lotion.  The only product with perfumed oils.  Rich in allantoin which softens the skin and leaves a beautiful fragrance.  A lovely gift.

Ingredients:  Allantoin, healing essential oils





Lovely Legs (Balsam) A wonderful product for tired legs, stretch-marks, varicose veins & haemorrhoids.  A great help for pregnant women

Ingredients:  Allantoin , Aesculus, Hamamelis

100ml R60
Wonder Rub An active healing and soothing agent for many ailments:  strains, sprains, stiff joints, gout and arthritis

Ingredients:  Arnica, Eucalyptus, Hypericum, Calendula, Bryonia





Flawless Complexion Cream Used for pigmentation/discolouration.  Rich in lemon oil which removes brown spots caused by pregnancy, the pill and age.

Ingredients:  Tumara extract, oil of lemon, placadis

50ml R55
Blasenton Kelp multi-minerals.  Helps build immune system, detoxifies and helps slimming.

Ingredients:  16 essential vitamins & minerals

100tabs R110
Ginsib Strengthens immunity, improves memory and increases stamina and energy.   Great for sportsmen and women.

Ingredients:  Siberian Ginseng and vitamins

100 tabs R120
Cucumber/Aloe Vera Mask Adds moisture to the skin.  Apply after cleansing; no need to remove.  Apply moisturiser when mask has been absorbed.

Ingredients:  Aloe Vera gel, cucumber extract

50ml R75
Cleansing Face Wash A concentrated face and body wash for all skin types.  Treats acne and also suitable for shaving 100ml R65
Moisturizing Facial Scrub Mild exfoliating scrub for men and women.

Ingredients:  Symphytum, comfrey and calendula

50ml R60
Re-firming Hip & Thigh Lotion This anti-cellulite cream re-firms thighs, hips and arms.  Diminishes orange peel – a visible difference in 3 days 200ml R95
S.O.S. Save Our Skin This fantastic gel is recommended for unsightly marks and redness, warts & rough skin

Ingredients:  Essential oils & extract from the Zimbabwean Sausage Plant

50ml R75
Silky Skin Toner Removes all traces of cleanser and dirt residue.  Restores acid balance.

Ingredients:  Hamamelis Virginia, Aesculis

200ml R65



GINSIB CAPSULES:  1 – 4 Capsules daily

This wonderful product, containing Siberian Ginseng with vitamins, has the power to strengthen the body’s ability to resist illness, degeneration and fatigue while never upsetting our body’s natural physiological functions.  It is a mild stimulant.

Its action will last between 6-8 hours and its tonic effects are accumulative and come gradually over a few weeks.

They include increased stamina, better sleep patterns, better memory, clearer thinking and improved athletic performance.  Ginseng with vitamins has a particular relevance to any anti-aging programme because it is a natural protector against the kind of free-radical oxidisation which leads to cross-linking of proteins and, among other things, skin-sagging and wrinkling and is has potent anti-cancer properties.

Russian researches believe that Siberian Ginseng increases the work capacity of people in factories and also reduces the absenteeism due to illness.  It is used in treatment of both high and low blood-pressure, thanks to its ability to harmonise bodily functions.  It is also widely used in the Soviet Union to treat anaemia and arteriosclerosis.  Ginseng and all the adaptogens like alpha tocopherol etc, is best taken regularly over a period of several weeks.  It can however be taken year round with Blasenton tables without any loss of beneficial effects.

The Chines believe it to be worth its weight in gold.  It is a must for persons over the age of 40 and even the younger generation exposed to radioactive fallout and pollution in general.

In most cases an increase in virility is noted.

Blasenton:  2 Capsules 3 x day

Helps eliminate toxins in the intestinal tract, therefore is an aid in weight loss.  Activates the immune system & the stamina level is raised.  Lowers blood cholesterol and helps balance the metabolism.  Fucus ves, increases concentration and promotes regular elimination of faecal waste.  The additional cellulose helps resolve constipation problems.

What can some of the products be used for???

Ginsib is for people who are very tired, it makes a massive difference

The cucumber mask heals sun damage and sunburn brilliantly

The wonder rub brilliantly for sore, achy muscles

Wonder rub is great for bruising due to the arnica in it

I wanted to say that the Renaissance skincare products are amazing.  I have had bad skin problems for the last year, and every morning or evening have been having a breakout.  Since using the products, my skin has totally cleared up and is looking great.  In fact better than I can remember it ever looking.  It really works and is a really cool product.  The added bonus is that it lasts a long time.


I had a client who had a very bad wrinkly neck and after she used the eternal youth gel, her neck completely transformed.

I have people who are absolutely thrilled with the Blasenton because of how it improves anaemia, that doctors cant believe the results.

I had a client who had a very sore shoulder and put the wonder rub on it and couldn’t believe how much better it was

After using the Blasenton capsules for 3 weeks, I have noticed a marked improvement in my bowel elimination.

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