Robyn Blomer is a 70’s child with a South Africa heart, currently living on a quiet farm in Switzerland with her family. She believes in the innate beauty of the human soul and where she can, strikes a match to help reignite the light, one fire at a time.

With your first Akashic Record Reading we explore your Soul Profile:

* Where you are from (yes the far, far away place that you surfed the cosmic wave to Earth from!)

* Your natural characteristics – it is always important to know the difference between learnt behaviour and the characteristics that intrinsically make up who you are – it causes a lot of upheaval when either you or people in your life expect you to change these ways in order to become more ‘lovable’ or ‘socially acceptable’. This forms the basis of misalignment.

* Your Spirit Guide Team

I then move into examining any blocks and restrictions that you are currently encountering – we look at the choices that go into creating these situations (past and present life) and explore NEW choices that are in alignment with your divine self.
Looking at and CLEARING contracts, vows, curses, bindings and pacts etc forms a crucial part of the reading.

An Akashic Reading really helps you to identify WHO you are and understand WHERE particular behavioural patterns stem from, WHY we act the way we do and HOW we can behave ourselves out of negative states.

Robyn is situated in Switzerland, but can do readings over Skype or personally if you are in her area.

Cost:  SAR 1400.00 (payable in South Africa)

What an experience! Robyn is phenomenal, and just so spot on.. she confirms those inner truths, soul level confirmations which just blows the doors off any insecurities you may have about fully being you and embracing your journey on this earth. So much has just ‘clicked’ and she has helped me to step into my power and live my life from my truth, with a quiet confidence. Thank you Robyn, for sharing your gift.

I was given a reading by Robyn for my 40th birthday present from my sister.  I admit that I did not know what to expect AT all.

When the time came for my reading, I was nervous – but as soon as Robyn popped up on my Skype screen, I felt like I had known her forever.  For an hour, she proceeded to explode my perception with one resonating truth after the next.  There were points that if made by anyone else, I would likely have been mortally offended, but Robyn delivered truth with such a deep compassion, lack of judgement and clarity of thought that I was slapping my forehead instead, wondering why I hung onto ridiculous practices that only slowed me down…

Thanks to Robyn’s beautiful work, I have uncovered amazing gifts and potential that would have remained unknown in myself, buried under doubt, fear, stubbornness… She continued to work with me, uncovering more and deeper bindings and drawbacks, so that my daily life, my relationships and my work now resonate the same joy and light as I felt at the first moments of the Revelation of Who I Am.

Thank you, Robyn.  For me, knowing my purpose and what I am about, breaking the ties that held me back and changing the habits that were destroying me have made the difference between despair and victory.

And indeed, joy is now my new and improved natural state! – Ang, London UK

Ang - U.K. London

I really can’t say enough about how sweet Robyn is. The reading that she gave me was so spot on. I asked no questions but she told me about my past lives and things about my physical being now that I never told her and figuring out what some of my karmic debt was. And I’ve been doing the 21 day cleanse. I’m 10 days in and and I have been feeling the world of difference. I’ve been having revelations, things are clearly happening for me! Thank you so much Robyn! She is truly an amazing spiritual librarian – Dawnanne, Pennsylvania USA

Dawnanne, Pennsylvania USA

I feel so happy to have discovered Robyn and the Akashic records. Learning deep truths about myself, about the connection to each other and about our soul purpose here on Earth. This knowledge has simplified my existence on this earth, and magnified what is important. Very much recommend opening this connection which has been a pivotal experience for me!! – Joanna, Bagamoyo Tanzania

Joanna, Bagamoyo Tanzania

Holy Moly!!! What a fantastic reading. I just LOVE Robyn. We clicked. Definitely a soul tribe member. Probably one of the best and most assistive readings I’ve had to date.

I’m also a ‘light worker’ so to speak and Robyn has literally elevated me onto the next stage of my path! She’s amazing!!


I am so pleased to have been told about Robyn, and that I decided to have an Akashic Record Reading. Robyn is a lovely person, who navigates you through the reading in a compassionate kind way.  To be given the information from the Akashic records about one’s purpose is so uplifting.  It has answered many questions I have pondered over the years.  The information that came through relating to various blocks was so spot on.  There is no ways Robyn could have know one very specific date and event.  I wholeheartedly recommend having a reading.  Thank you Robyn! Jane

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