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” Woohoo! What a week, owing to an interesting development in one of my clients I thought I should mention one of the body’s strangest reactions to healing. We at BSR and many other practitioners of self-healing forms call it a “HEALING CRISIS”.

Injuries, stresses and strains of daily life settle within one’s muscles and in time appear to be forgotten by the body and “lock in”. When the body’s own innate perfect, self healing system is switched on with BSR (without the use of drugs ok) it is as though the portion of the subconscious devoted to healing does a reboot and re-assesses the entire body, and for the first time in ages seems to actually SEE various areas that are out of order. This is where the old maxim “You have to Feel to Heal” kicks in.

The strange thing about the “HEALING CRISIS” is that there are no rules. Some people experience a touch of it, most none at all. Very, very rarely the reaction can be extreme! Yours Truly being a good example, which incidentally got me interested in BSR because I knew that technically the oh-so-gentle things that the BSR practitioner had done on me should not have, in a month of Sundays, elicited such a response. Yet..Yet.. it did. I watched with fascination as to the changes in me after that, but that is a story for another day.

The irony of this discomfort, which is mostly very mild – is that it is a good thing, because this is when your self healing takes place where it is needed most of all.”

Richard Pickard-Cambridge – Body Stress Release Practitioner

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